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Updated: 2022-05-13 09:40:56 KST

Welcome back.
Korea this week celebrates Adoption Day which was this past Wednesday MAY 11th.
Now in light of the occasion I have two special guests here in the studio.
Director Yeon Wang-mo who documented a poignant story of an adoptee and his reunion with his birth mother more than FOUR decades later.
Director Yeon it's a pleasure to have you here.
And I also have the real-life protagonist of the documentary here LAYNE FOSTERVOLD.
Layne thank you very much for making the time to join us.

1) Director Yeon let's begin with a few words about your documentary "Mother Dearest".
How would you summarize the story?

2) And Director Yeon what was the inspiration behind this documentary?

3) Now Layne I believe it's your story that is being shared in this documentary.
Could you briefly walk us through your journey from Korea to the U.S. to Korea again?

4) Layne what motivated you to join this (documentary) project?
((I mean it's a deeply personal story and I would assume that you may have wanted to keep it private.))

5) Director Yeon I hear your documentary GOES BEYOND the tale of an adoptee and his biological mother reuniting after four decades to SHED VIVID LIGHT on the role of love in overcoming language barriers.
Could you tell us more?

6) Layne what do you remember most about making this documentary?

7) Director Yeon there have been a number of shocking stories of children being adopted into abusive homes here on the local front.
What do you suppose are some ways of addressing this atrocious reality?

8) Layne is there a message that you would like to share with adoptees and their families?

9) Director Yeon before we end perhaps you could tell us a bit about your future plans.

All right
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