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Updated: 2022-05-11 09:15:00 KST
Welcome back.
You're with me for PART TWO of THE DAILY REPORT and we start now with VIEW POINT.
The new administration has pledged to take a science-based approach to the pandemic.
For more on these efforts and the current situation I have Professor David Kwak from Soon Chun Hyang University.
Professor Kwak welcome back.
I also have Doctor Kim Seung-taek from Institut Pasteur Korea.
Doctor Kim it's good to have you here.

1) Professor Kwak before we touch upon Korea's current COVID-19 situation do tell us a bit about the UNEXPLAINED PEDIATRIC HEPATITIS cases that have been detected across the world including Korea where one case was identified last week.

2) Doctor Kim health authorities here have detected a new variant on the local front.
What can you tell us about this new strain?

3) Professor Kwak given this recent detection what are your thoughts on the wisdom of lifting mandatory quarantine for COVID-19 patients which MAY happen starting May 23rd as COVID-19 has now been downgraded to a Class Two infectious disease?

4) Doctor Kim authorities have said that a decision on the lifting of mandatory quarantine for COVID-19 patients will depend on our daily tallies.
Is this a practical stance?

5) Professor Kwak second booster doses are also being recommended here for those in their 60s and above.
What are your thoughts on this campaign?
(I ask because there have been reports elsewhere about the quick waning of their effectiveness.)

6) Doctor Kim over in the U.S. there have been reports of a rebound in symptoms after Paxlovid treatment.
Could you tell us a bit more?

7) Back here on the local front Professor Kwak face masks are no longer necessary outdoors.
But this was a decision made by the former Moon administration.
That being said how do you respond to a possible reversal of this mask mandate by the Yoon administration?

8) Doctor Kim the widespread forecast is that a resurgence will take place in late fall.
Do you agree?

9) Professor Kwak what preparations do you recommend for the medical arena in light of the projected rebound later this year?

10) Doctor Kim based on your understanding of coronaviruses when you do suppose will this pandemic end?
I mean will it end?

11) Professor Kwak there has been much talk about public distrust in scientific information amid the pandemic.
How do you explain this unfortunate reality?

12) Doctor Kim what do you suggest to regain public trust in science?

All right
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