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S. Korea's COVID-19 cases topped 6,000 on Thursday, expected to reach 7,000 by weekend
Updated: 2022-01-20 10:24:36 KST
Thursday's COVID-19 tally topped 6-thousand.
South Korea saw 6,603 new infections on Thursday, rising almost 800 from the day before.
Most were local infections.
Regions across the country are seeing record numbers.
Gyeonggi-do Province saw 2,418 cases, a fresh high.
Pyeongtaek city which has seen 328 infections, found 90 percent of sample cases to be Omicron.
The area made an administrative order for workers at the local U.S. military base, and at indoor gyms and private academies, to get PCR tested to comb out more COVID cases.
Gwangju city and Jeollanam-do Province where Omicron is also the dominant strain saw record daily COVID-19 tallies.
Gwangju had 350 local cases, topping 300 for the first time.
The area's kindergartens, nurseries, and child care facilities are closing their doors for two weeks from next Monday.
And with Jeollanam-do reporting close to 160 local cases, the southwestern area of South Korea surpassed 500 cases, another first.
Chungcheongbuk-do Province also saw more than 170 local cases, punching in a new record-high as well.
But COVID tallies are expected push even higher this week.
With Omicron projected to become the dominant strain by this weekend, cases are expected reach 7-thousand.
The last peak was recorded last year on December 15th was around 7,8-hundred and-50.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News
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