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U.S. FDA's vaccine advisory panel to vote on Friday on booster shots for general public
Updated: 2021-09-17 07:04:20 KST
In the U.S., the debate on COVID-19 booster shots will reach its conclusion on Friday as the FDA's vaccine advisory panel is set to vote on whether to approve the shot for most Americans.
The scientific community has been split on the matter with a recent article in The Lancet saying boosters aren't needed for most of the general public.
They insist more lives could be saved if the supply is distributed to those not yet vaccinated.
However, Pfizer argues that, as immunity wanes over time, another dose is necessary.
The U.S. is ready to roll out the booster shots, and some severely ill Americans have already received them.
While Friday's vote is not binding, the FDA typically abides by the panel's decision.
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