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U.S. tops daily average of new COVID-19 cases in past week
Updated: 2021-09-15 09:42:23 KST
The United States saw its average 7-day COVID-19 daily cases top 170-thousand for the first time since January this year.
This according to the New York Timesas of Monday, local time.
It's an increase of around 8 percent from the tally recorded two weeks before.
The average number of deaths rose by 36-percent in the same period going above the 18-hundred mark.
The rise in numbers has been caused by the Delta variant, with infections taking their toll on the medical infrastructure.
In fact, a quarter of all the hospitals in the southern part of the country have 95-percent of their ICU beds occupied now.
In addition, the spread among children continues to rise with more than 240-thousand getting infected in the past week as schools across the nation fully open for in-person classes.
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