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60% of Google employees will be allowed to come into work once a week by end of 2020: Google CEO
Updated: 2020-05-20 10:07:11 KST
The CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet says he expects to bring the bulk of their employees back to the office by the end of the year on a rotating schedule as a way to maintain COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.
Sundar Pichai said on Tuesday that, by the end of the year, Google will be at '20-to-30-percent capacity,' meaning it will be able to get 60-percent of its employees in once a week.
Google will start by bringing 10-to-15-percent of its workers into the office at any time.
Alphabet will prioritize employees who need to be in the office.
Pichai added he believes the company will cap office attendance at around 20-to-30 percent of workers at any given time.
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