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Exploring Korean Literature

Exploring Korean Literature


2021 Exploring Korean Literature

There is a growing interest in Korean literature among readers from around the world and so we bring Korean classics to Korean modern literature to viewers in this special series under three themes.

What They’ve Read

Well-known TV personalities read three translated works of Korean literature that have recently received attention.

Kim Soom's novel "One Left", brings the comfort women issue to the forefront of the literary world, and her book is recited and discussed by Darcy Paquet, a translator and essayist for the film "Parasite," and translator and essayist Colin Marshall, Italian architect Simone Carena, and fashion designer Shin Ji-hye. The novel was published in the U.S. in September 2020 and a second book print was released this year.

Cho Nam-Joo's novel "Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982" has been translated into 25 languages and is recited by TV personality Daniel Hicks (UK), Carlos Gorito (Brazil), YouTuber Sarah Mack (USA) and singer Punita (India) who share their thoughts about the book.

Howon, a member of the boy band, W24, recites passages from Kim Young-ha's novel "Diary of a Murderer" and gives commentary.

Living to Tell a Story

This documentary features Korean writers whose works are not only popular in Korea but also overseas.

In episode 1, poet Kim Yi-deum, the Winner of the National Translation Award and the Lucien Stryk Award for her collection of poems, "Hysteria," as well as Korean novelists Kim Cho-Yup and Kim Yeon-su appear to talk about the creative process and how they carry out research before writing a novel.

In Episode 2, novelist Yun Ko-Eun, the winner of the Crime Fiction in Translation Dagger award for her book, "The Disaster Tourist", and novelist Ha Seong-nan and poet Jin Eun-young explain what they were trying to convey to readers through their works.

In Episode 3, novelist Hwang Sok-young, whose works are mostly inspired by his own experience of living in modern Korean society, tells the story of his life and literary journey.

A Word Depicted in Stories

The cultural characteristics in Korean literature that encompasses Korean classics to modern novels are highlighted on this show. Six episodes with different themes ranging from female poets in classical literature, makeup culture, wine and arts, tea ceremony, pets, and a literary discussion forum will begin airing on November 5th.