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Updated: 2022-01-21 09:15:03 KST
Authorities in Hong Kong believe HAMSTERS at a PET SHOP INFECTED a WORKER there with the DELTA VARIANT of COVID-19.
In recent years there has been quite a bit of media coverage of ZOONOTIC DISEASES and for more on this matter I have Doctor Kim Seung-taek from Institut Pasteur Korea.
Doctor Kim welcome back.
I also have Doctor KETIH HAMILTON at the World Organization for Animal Health LIVE on the LINE.
It's a pleasure to have you with us Doctor Hamilton.

1) Doctor Kim let's begin with a few words on the POSSIBLE ROUTE of DELTA TRANSMISSION from the hamsters to the pet shop worker.

2) Doctor Hamilton how does your entity PERCEIVE the RISK of COVID-19 TRANSMISSION from animals to human beings?

3) Doctor Kim there have been cases of people INFECTING their pets with COVID-19.
Having said that what is the RISK of a REVERSAL in this TREND?
((The World Health Organization says the RISK of animals RE-INFECTING people is low.))

4) Doctor Hamilton what can you share with us about the IMPACT of COVID-19 on animals thus far?

5) Doctor Kim COVID-19 has been classified as a zoonotic disease BELIEVED to have ORIGINATED from bats.
((Granted some claim concrete evidence is lacking and thus such a conclusion is premature.))
HOW does the PERSISTENCE of COVID-19 TRANSMISSION within animals LOOK to AFFECT our efforts to ELIMINATE it?

6) Doctor Kim COVID-19 has served to raise universal awareness about the danger of zoonotic diseases.
What are some other examples aside from perhaps the plague?

7) Doctor Hamilton some claim that there has been a tangible RISE in ZOONOTIC DISEASES in recent years.
Do you agree AND if so how do you EXPLAIN it?

8) Doctor Hamilton quite recently relevant authorities in the U.K. CONFIRMED a case of AVIAN INFLUENZA in a person there.
Now bird-to-human transmission of avian flu is said to be RARE.
What can you tell us about this recent case?

9) And Doctor Kim what can you share with us about the potential transmission of avian influenza from one infected individual to another human being AND how FATAL is this disease for man?

10) Doctor Hamilton I believe your entity has RAISED the ALARM on the GROWING RISK of AVIAN INFLUENZA among people.
Could you explain this stance?

11) Doctor Kim how do EXPLAIN the EMERGENCE of ZOONOTIC diseases in recent years AND what are the IMPLICATIONS of this PHENOMENON on EFFORTS to ENSURE public health?

12) Doctor Hamilton let's end with a few words on possible ways to perhaps prevent future pandemics.

All right .
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