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N. Korea reconsiders resuming ICBM, nuclear tests over U.S. hostile policy
Updated: 2022-01-20 09:16:50 KST
North Korea is considering restarting "all temporarily-suspended" activities and suspending trust-building measures with the U.S. over its hostile policies toward the regime.
Apparently referring to its nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile tests.
For more, we have our North Korean affairs correspondent Kim Dami on the line.
Dami, fill us in.

That's right, Mark.
North Korea says it will consider resuming nuclear and ICBM testing, which had been suspended since 2018.
The North's state media reported Thursday the regime held a policymaking politburo meeting of the ruling Workers' party to review policies on Washington.
Chaired by leader Kim Jong-un, the latest meeting pointed out the need to prepare measures for a "long-term confrontation" with the U.S., saying Washington's hostile policy against Pyeongyang is worsening by the day.
That includes conducting hundreds of joint military drills and the slapping on of sanctions in the last few years after the 2018 North Korea-U.S. Singapore summit.
Now, experts have voiced concern the North may carry out military activities around February 16th at the earliest, that's the birthday of the current leader Kim Jong-un's later father Kim Jong-il.
They also warn it could be as late as around April 15th, the 110th anniversary of the birth of the regime's founding leader Kim Il-sung.
North Korea has so far test-fired four missiles just this month alone.
But considering the North on Thursday said it's reconsidering the suspension of activities, watchers note the latest announcement is part of efforts to push the U.S. to prioritize North Korea on the Biden administration's agenda.
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