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U.S. FDA supports Janssen booster shots for recipients aged 18 and up
Updated: 2021-10-16 17:21:10 KST
Advisers to the U.S. FDA have unanimously voted in support of Janssen vaccine booster shots.
The advisers on Friday recommended Janssen vaccine recipients aged 18 and up… to get another jab at least two months after their single dose.
Friday's vote puts Janssen on the list of vaccines the FDA committee has approved for booster shots…including Pfizer and Moderna.
While Moderna has received the green light for booster shots from the committeethe FDA decided to delay authorizing its vaccines to adolescents to check further whether it could increase the risk of a rare inflammatory heart condition.
Some countries like Norway and Sweden have already limited the use of Moderna on teensciting younger men to have reported myocarditis.
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