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S. Korea reports 1,347 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday
Updated: 2021-10-12 17:01:52 KST
In order to live with COVID-19, vaccination is key.
South Korea has now fully vaccinated 60 percent of the population and on Tuesday began taking the next step administering booster shots.
The country started giving out a third Pfizer shot to some 45-thousand medical staff who have been assigned to take care of COVID-19 patients.
They will be able to get their extra jab at the medical center they work at from Tuesday until October 30th.

As part of efforts to find ways to co-exist with COVID-19, authorities are set to launch a special committee on Wednesday.
Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum and cabinet-level officials from various ministries will be supervising adjustments needed to co-exist with COVID-19.
The special committee will bring government officials and experts from various private sectors together to discuss a broad range of agendas including people's livelihoods, education, public safety and prevention measures.
The first meeting is to kick off early Wednesday morning which is also a few days before the government releases its new social distancing guidelines.
The country's final virus prevention measures before it switches to "living with COVID-19" are set to come out on Friday.

Meanwhile, authorities will be on the lookout for an uptick in COVID-19 cases throughout this week.
Especially following the three-day weekend where many travelled around the country.
Tuesday's caseload stood at 1 thousand 3-hundred 47, which was relatively low compared to last week when numbers hovered close to 2-thousand.
But authorities have said this was most likely due to fewer tests done over the weekend.
Shin Ye-eun, Arirang News.
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