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N. Korea evades int'l sanctions, continues to develop nuclear, missile capabilities: UN report
Updated: 2021-10-05 17:03:58 KST

The United Nations Security Council says North Korea continues to develop its nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities, evading international sanctions.
A panel report on Monday said the regime continues to secure materials from overseas to advance its weapons, despite food shortages.
The UN Sanctions Committee on North Korea releases its Panel of Experts report twice a year, and the latest report covers updates on implementation of sanctions from February to August.
So the report does not include the regime's series of missile launches in September and October.
As for nuclear activities, it says the 5-megawatt nuclear reactor at Yongbyon is inactive, but the panel has detected signs of activity at Yongbyon's uranium enrichment facilities, including radiochemical laboratory facilities.

The report also said Pyeongyang evaded sanctions through the sophisticated management of the ships used in illicit dealings.
It has been reported that the North has bought vessels that have been once owned by South Korean companies through China and other third countries.

The report pointed out the growing humanitarian crisis in North Korea due to COVID-19 lockdown measures and international sanctions.
Diplomatic sources in Seoul say they are concerned that foreign organizations may be less willing to provide aid to the North due to delays in bringing in goods and an increase in logistical costs.

The regime has also reportedly conducted cyber-attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges, called 'spear phishing' and has attacked COVID-19 vaccine companies.
In terms of goods flow, the report says inflow of refined oil products and luxury goods to the North has significantly decreased due to the pandemic and so has the volume of coal trading.
Yoon Jung-min, Arirang News.
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