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No new side effects shown from 3rd dose of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine: Study
Updated: 2021-09-16 10:07:19 KST
While the global debate rages on over COVID-19 booster shots data shows there were no new side effects reported from a third dose of Pfizer's vaccine.
According to the Israel-based Maccabi Health Services' study of more than 9-thousand individuals, the majority said they didn't feel any different side effects to the ones they had after the second dose.
Ninety-six percent said they didn't need medical help or feel any life-threatening symptoms.
However, around a half did say the symptoms were more acute than after the second dose.
Israel is the first country in the world to roll out booster shots for COVID-19.
More than 2.9 million Israelis have since elected to get a third shot of the Pfizer vaccine.
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