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Japan warns of blow to countries' relations if S. Korean court seizes Mitsubishi assets
Updated: 2021-09-14 17:07:08 KST
The Japanese government on Monday warned of the relationship between South Korea and Japan souring in the future, as South Korea's Supreme Court backed the seizure of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' Korea-based assets.
This particular case dates back to 2018 when the South Korean top court first ordered the Japanese firm, Mitsubishi, to financially compensate South Korean victims they forced into back-breaking labor during World War II.
The court ordered Mitsubishi to pay one hundred to one hundred fifty million Korean Won, or 85 to 128 thousand U.S. dollars, to each of the five victims involved in the suit.
But Mitsubishi refused to pay.
They said that all restitution had already been paid in 1965 by a treaty signed between the two countries.
So then,.. the victims and their surviving family members took the case to Daejeon District Court, asking for the seizure of six Mitsubishi patents and two of their trademark rights in place of their compensation.
The Daejeon court ruled in favor of the victims but Mitsubishi once again rejected the court's decision and brought the case to the Supreme court earlier this year.
After several months of deliberation, finally on Monday, South Korea's Supreme court rejected Mitsubishi's appeal.
The top court said that the original ruling was reasonable and did not violate any part of the constitution, laws, orders, or legislation.
But the Japanese government wasted little time chiming in on the matter.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said Monday that South Korea's Supreme Court should come up with more "proposable solutions," because otherwise, the ruling will sour Seoul-Tokyo relations even further.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News
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