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Hyundai Motor unveils IONIQ 5; first model to use company's own EV platform
Updated: 2021-02-23 15:19:33 KST
South Korean auto giant Hyundai Motor has showcased its first car to use the company's own electric vehicle platform.
The new model, the IONIQ 5, which was released on Tuesday through the company's YouTube channel, can go more than 500 kilometers on a single charge and with 80 percent charge taking just 20 minutes.
The company said it has a moveable console and a completely flattened floor, enabling customizable options for drivers as well as a longer wheelbase for extra comfort.
Hyundai also added that environmentally-friendly materials have been used in its production including eco-processed leather, recycled yarn, and bio-paint for the interior.
The IONIQ 5 will be launched in Europe next month and in the second quarter for the domestic market before being released in the U.S. and in other markets later this year.
It is priced at around 45-thousand U.S. dollars but with government subsidies, can be purchased at around 36-thousand dollars, or 40 million Korean won.
Subsidies are provided as part of the South Korean government's plans to have more electric cars on the roads and in line with its goal of carbon neutrality by the year 2050.
According to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy on Tuesday, the nation aims to reduce greenhouse gases emitted from vehicles 24 percent by 2030.
This will be achieved by having a total of 7.8-5 million eco-friendly cars on the roads.
The nation also plans to boost its exports of eco-friendly cars exporting three times as many by the year 2025 than last year.
Bae Eun-ji, Arirang News.
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