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In-depth: Global market wrap-up
Updated: 2021-02-23 14:02:51 KST
Time now for an in-depth look at the market news this afternoon.
And for that, I'm joined on the line by Mr. Daniel Yoo, global strategist at Yuanta Securities.
Mr. Yoo, thanks for coming on today.

Thank you.

Stocks on Wall Street closed lower for the most part, the big growth stocks taking a hit in particular with these rising fears of inflation. The Dow eked out a gain but the Nasdaq sharply lower. In Korea, the KOSPI rose back into positive territory this afternoon but closed lower as well. What's the story in the global markets and here in Korea?

Bitcoin today, in terms of dollars, is down 12 or more percent from where it was yesterday. Elon Musk tweeted a few days ago that he thinks the price of Bitcoin is high, and it seems there were enough people out there who agreed with him. What do you make of the Bitcoin situation?

Consumer sentiment in Korea has improved for a second month in a row. People are looking forward to the rollout of vaccines this week, so that would seem to have an effect. And and we see expected inflation at percent. Tell us about this data and what stands out to you.
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