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College students change plans for summer break due to COVID-19
Updated: 2020-07-15 17:07:13 KST
Summer break.
That's when many college students make the most of their free time by traveling abroad or getting a part-time job.
But this summer is different.

A recent survey shows that nine out of 10 college students had to change their plans for the summer break due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a survey of over seven-hundred college students, the most popular summer plan was to earn a qualification such as a driving license or computer skills certificate.
The second most popular plan is getting part-time job, followed by studying a second language.
This shows that many are working on self-improvement.
Freshman Kim Tae-hyung was planning to work part-time at the cinema this summer, but changed his mind over fears of the coronavirus.
Rather, he is studying and playing guitar at home.

"In my opinion, it's the perfect time to learn foreign languages and practice. Most of my friends are watching Netflix or Youtube to improve their language skills."

Lee Noo-rim is a college senior who was planning to travel to the Philippines and Hong Kong during her final summer vacation, but had to cancel those plans.
And, there is a bigger issue that she worries about.

"A lot of workplaces are not trying to get new people now. They are trying to avoid new people coming into their occupation."

Statistics Korea announced on Wednesday that the employment rate for people in their twenties is 55.four percent, a two.five percent decrease on-year.
Over 415-thousand people in their twenties were classed as 'resting'.
That means they were not studying, nor searching for a job.
The figure increased by 91-thousand on-year in June alone.
This trend suggests that many people in their twenties believe that no matter what they do, there are no jobs for them in the current economic climate.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.
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