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World adds greater number of new COVID-19 cases day by day
Updated: 2020-07-14 16:27:02 KST
The global coronavirus outbreak is far from contained.
The virus is spreading at a faster pace than ever, and the world set a new record this Sunday, seeing a daily tally of more than 230-thousand cases.
World leaders are highlighting the importance of wearing face coverings President Trump appeared in public with a face mask on for the first time last Saturday.
Countries around the world are mulling a return to lockdowns or extensions to states of emergency, with many still suspending person-to-person exchanges.
For more on the rapid spread of COVID-19, we have Professor LEE Hoon-sang from Yonsei University Graduate School of Public Health joining us in the studio today.
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COVID-19 continues to sweep across the whole world and it seems the outbreak is becoming bigger and bigger. The world is adding a greater number of new coronavirus cases every day What do you think stands at the very core of this rapid global spread of COVID-19?

One question we're faced with at the moment: is airborne transmission possible? World scientists have said it is and the WHO says such a possibility can not be ruled out, but it seems there's still no clear answer yet.

Are we still dealing with the same initial COVID-19? There have been numerous reports that the virus has mutated to become even more contagious. How rapidly is this virus mutating? And how many strains currently are there?

Countries around the world are focusing on developing a COVID-19 vaccine. The U.S. expects to start producing doses of a potential COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the summer and Russia has reportedly completed clinical trials. Can we expect a vaccine in the near future?

Are there any risks of fast-tracking the process of vaccine development?

To prevent being re-infected with COVID-19, it's crucial to have strong antibodies against the virus. But a recent UK study suggests that antibody potency dropped significantly after three months, and in some cases, disappeared completely. There have been similar findings in Spain as well. What do these worrisome discoveries tell us?

Recently, most daily new cases in South Korea have been imported from overseas. The government says, because it has strict quarantine and entry procedures for new arrivals, the situation can be handled. However, because there are now various types of COVID-19 strains, these imported cases could lead to more community outbreaks. How should the government be dealing with these imported cases?

China says it's getting ready for another possible large-scale outbreak in the fall or winter because its people have not developed herd immunity against COVID-19. Though the virus is already contagious and deadly, could there be another large-scale outbreak in the latter half of the year? Will this virus ever be under control?

Thank you for your insights today, we really appreciate it.
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