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COVID-19 hotspots: Arirang connects with Florida resident in self-quarantine, Brazilian journalist
Updated: 2020-07-14 05:53:57 KST
The COVID-19 pandemic is showing no sign of slowing down as tens of thousands of people across the world are being infected every day.
The U.S. and Brazil have been the worst-hit nations, constantly breaking record highs of daily infection cases. The WHO says the two countries reported over 111-thousand new cases on Sunday alone, roughly half of all infections reported worldwide.
And what may be worsening the situation is the lack of leadership and response to try and contain the virus.
Today, we connect with a resident in Florda, Miyoung Augustine, and Caren Moy, a journalist based in Rio de Janeiro.

1. Hi Miyoung. You're based in Florida, which is one of the biggest infection hotspots in the U.S. And you also contracted the virus over the weekend. How are you feeling?

2. The spread of the virus in Florida seems extremely severe. How has it been affecting everyday life for everyone there?

3. Caren: Brazil currently has the second highest number of infections in the world. How has this changed daily life?

4. You're self-quarantining at the moment, and on leave from work. How are you holding up?

5. In the U.S., you have a very different medical insurance system. Are a lot of people concerned about coverage?

6. Caren: Brazil's public health care system has been struggling in recent years due to inadequate funding. How has this affected Brazil's medical response to COVID-19

7. Many Brazilians are employed as street workers. How has the coronavirus affected people working without contracts and is there enough being done for them?

8. Miyoung, authorities are moving to reopen schools and ease lockdown restrictions across the U.S.. Do you think it's the right way to go? How do you think officials have been responding to the pandemic?

9. Now, neither of your leaders President Trump and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro have really taken this virus that seriously. Although they've been sporting masks as of late Bolsonaro actually having contracted the virus last week.
Caren: How do you think the general public feels about Bolsonaro's leadership and his government's response to COVID-19?

MIyoung: Are more people wearing face masks in Florida now?

10-11. The question goes to both of you: What kind of leadership and support do you hope to see from authorities?

This is where we'll have to end our discussion. It's been great speaking to you. Miyoung Augustine in Florida and Caren Roy in Brazil. Thanks for making time for us. Stay safe out there.

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