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More people turn vegetarian in post-COVID-19 pandemic era
Updated: 2020-07-13 17:08:41 KST
In the post-COVID-19 pandemic era, more people are refraining from eating meatand are turning to a more vegetable-based diet instead.
The World Health Organization said that since 1970, around 75 percent of infectious diseases have come from animals.
According to the Korea Vegetarian Union, there are around one.five to two-million vegetarians in the country, over three percent of the population.
And, with a growing number of people worried about eating meat, this figure could rise.

This cooking class teaches Korean temple cuisine. A monk here demonstrates how to make great meals without using meat.

Monk Yeogu is an instructor who teaches temple cuisine, vegetarian food that is full of vital nutrients.
She believes that greens are good for our immune system and keep us healthy.

"Vegetables are safe because they don't have animal fats or protein that can grow bacteria and cause food poisoning. It also prevents adult diseases from excessive meat consumption."

A student at the cooking class says that people don't necessarily have to be a vegetarian to join, but by having more greens, they can better manage their healthespecially those with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

"I've tried having pickles made from lotus roots and I no longer feel so bloated. I need more of these rather than meat."

Some worry about the nutritional balance of vegetarian diet.
But health experts say that proteins can be consumed by having beans, brown rice and nuts and fermented foods like Kimchi or seaweed for vitamin B12.
Jang Taehyun, Arirang News.
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