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S. Korea plans to become 'leading country' through New Deal initiative
Updated: 2020-07-14 07:05:16 KST
President Moon Jae-in will in the coming hours unveil a comprehensive blueprint for his administration's so-called New Deal initiative.
The top office is calling it a national project that aims to combine the role of the government and corporate sector to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.
Here's the deputy presidential spokesperson.

"The Korean New Deal is a project that will muster our national power. It's a project aimed at overcoming the COVID-19 economic crisis, achieving large-scale job creation and transforming South Korea into a leading country."

President Moon will be giving a keynote speech, which will be followed by a presentation by the finance minister on specific projects and the size of the budget.
There will also be a teleconference with the heads of key companies, including Hyundai Motor and major online platform Naver, which will be part of the projects.
The New Deal initiative aims to create jobs that better meet future needs and embrace two main pillars "digital" and "green.
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