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All foreign sailors entering S. Korea undergo 2 week long self-quarantine
Updated: 2020-07-13 10:04:46 KST
Starting Monday, all foreign sailors entering South Korea must undergo a two-week long self-quarantine.

"To speed up virus diagnostic testing, the number of screening stations at ports has been expanded to six since July 6th and will be expanded to 11."

Temporary living facilities will first open in Busan and Yeosu.
All crew members will be taken to the facilities by cars laid on by the government.
Given the limited number of the facilities, shipping companies need to make reservations prior to the sailors' arrival.
After disembarking, those that plan to leave by plane or ship can depart without finishing the two-week long quarantine.
They must head to ports or airports in assigned vehicles with NO contact with anyone from the public.
In addition, all foreigners coming from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan must turn in a polymerase chain reaction note that proves they are negative for COVID-19.
The notes have to be issued within 48 hours of their departure at designated medical centers.
Despite these steps, there's still a grim outlook regarding the virus situation in the country.

"Almost no one in South Korea has antibodies against the virus. That means it's almost impossible for our society to achieve herd immunity."

Coronavirus antibody tests showed last week that only one in more than 3-thousand people has developed antibodies against COVID-19.
Hinting that the battle might last one to two more years until vaccines are developed, South Korean health authorities are urging citizens to live under the new normal of coexisting with the virus under strict quarantine rules.
Kim Dami, Arirang News.
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