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Renowned wallpaper brand 'de Gournay' collaborates with Korean designer for first Korean collection
Updated: 2020-07-09 17:07:48 KST
In this traditional Korean house, there are two pieces of art showing the beauty of Korean heritage.
They make up the first Korean collection from de Gournay a renowned brand expressing artistic trends on wallpaper and fabrics.
De Gournay collaborated with interior designer Yang Teo to showcase Korea's unique aesthetics.

"As the interior design market in Korea grew bigger and Korea's cultural content such as K-pop and Korean dramas became well-known, de Gournay became interested in Korean culture too. They reached me around a year ago and we decided to launch the Korean collection."

The first piece in the collection is named 'Steps for The Flowers', a reinterpretation of a traditional royal palace architecture painting.
Yang says he was impressed by the painting of palace and wanted to show a unique gardening technique called 'Hwa-gye'.
Green staircase-like terraces decorated with stones and flowers show harmony with nature.

"The designer added peony flowers symbolizing wealth and honor, butterflies signifying longevity, frogs representing wealth, and stones symbolizing nature to amplify the Korean aesthetic elements."

The second design is 'Art of Learning'.
The designer was inspired by the Joseon dynasty book painting named 'Chaekgeori', which shows people's desire for learning.
With the books against the background, a polished reflective stone, and modern elements such as candlesticks, the design contains both historical and contemporary aesthetic trends.

"I wanted to show various aspects of Korean content. K-drama and K-pop are already popular but Korea's tradition and heritage is yet to be fully introduced. I hope through de Gournay's collection, Korean aesthetics could be better known in the art and design world."

Through de Gournay and Yang's collaboration, people can now have a piece of Korea's aesthetic heritage in their homes.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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