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S. Koreans have third most powerful passports in the world
Updated: 2020-07-08 17:09:40 KST
The South Korean passport is the third-most powerful in the world.
According to an index by Swiss-based research firm Henley and Partners, South Korea ranks THIRD, down a notch from 2019 tying with Germany.
South Korean nationals can travel visa-free to one-hundred-89 destinations.
But with South Korea being named as one of the 14 nations allowed to enter EU countries from July, pundits say its ranking could be considered as second.
Japan continues to top the list, with its citizens permitted to travel visa-free to one-hundred-91 countries, followed by Singapore with one-hundred-90.
North Korea meanwhile ranks in one-hundred-and-third place, with its citizens having visa-free waivers to 39 countries.
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