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Post COVID-19: Korea creating massive delivery robot industry
Updated: 2020-07-06 17:05:47 KST
A self-driving vehicle comes to your office block with the meal you ordered, still hot and ready to eat.
Delivery robots are yet to be approved by the government, but they're being tested under a regulatory sandbox in western Seoul.

"We have been developing self-driving vehicles or robots which can be adapted to all purposes, shapes and sizes, as there's growing demand but not enough labour in the smart logistics and infrastructure market."

As part of its New Deal strategy for the post-coronavirus economy, the government is aiming to grow the smart logistics sector, introducing intelligent robots and driverless technology running on the country's super-fast 5G network.
The land ministry plans to inject some 122 million U.S. dollars into the sector between next year and 2027, to develop delivery and logistics technology for everyday use.
This includes short-distance delivery bots and smart storage cabins, as well as a massive smart logistics network.
Taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, blockchain and robotics, the logistics infrastructure is expected to make deliveries faster and more efficient and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Traditional shippers like Hyundai Heavy Industries are already jumping into the game, joining hands with IT firm KT.
They are developing and testing self-driving forklifts with AI voice recognition functions as well as smart logistics management and security solutions running on 5G.

"To gain competitiveness and to gain credit in the global community is very improtant. in this way Korea have to make a good example. How to combine smart technology with the logistic and then this might be a good example to be the first mover in terms of smart logistics.

But to stay ahead in the game, the government needs to ease regulations that restrict the development of new technologies. It should also increase R&D support for small developers to help finance the long process of testing and commercializing innovations.
Oh Soo-young, Arirang News.
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