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Exhibitions to enjoy during the weekend including 'SOUNDMUSEUM', large-scale sound exhibition
Updated: 2020-07-03 17:15:41 KST
Starting this Friday we have a new weekly segment on what's on in Korea over the weekend.
Our Kim Bo-kyoung joins us in the studio, she'll be leading us through this corner.
So Bo-kyoung, what do you have for us this week?

Hi, Jung-hee, this week, I went to D MUSEUM in Yongsan-gu District for an exhibition titled 'SOUNDMUSEUM'.
Rather than just looking at exhibits, visitors to SOUNDMUSEUM listen to them.
Let's take a look.

This exhibition is not about seeing.
It's about listening.
At the SOUNDMUSEUM exhibition at D Museum in Seoul, visitors can enjoy 22 works of art that use sound to convey their message.

"Hearing is interesting in that it is more than just listening to sounds. It is letting us feel the wavelength of the sound through our bodies. Through this exhibition we wanted people to experience something new, like having hearing as a main way to enjoy art."

In one of the audio-visual pieces, the audience is guided into an infinite space-like area made by sound and lasers. The author used multiple algorithms to synchronize sounds and lasers that would infinitely vary, never repeating.
Another artist draws a parallel between white noise and white light. Visitors can be completely immersed in various colors of lights, as if the white light is divided into a full color spectrum. Various speakers give different sounds too, as if white noise is broken down into different "colors" of sound.
In contrast, this anechoic chamber absorbs sound and light and doesn't allow any sound to be heard.
Another beautiful piece of artwork that looks like a cluster of soap bubbles.
When the audience blows on the sensors, light is accompanied by sound.
When all sensors are blown simultaneously, all the lights illuminate, making the most fantastic sound.

"The exhibition also includes this work of art by Paik Nam-june, known as the founder of visual arts in Korea. It is said that his style of art is based on his attempts to visualize music."

Televisions an icon of communication were used to make motorbike-riding robot with a bow and arrow, showing Paik's belief that the whole universe can be one.
Paik's artwork will be part of the exhibition until the end of August, but the rest of the exhibition runs until December 27th.

It certainly sounds interesting. What else is on this weekend?

For the first time in Korea people can enjoy Claude Monet's famous painting "Pond with Water Lilies".
It's at the Hangaram Art Museum in Seoul as part of the exhibition 'Monet to Cezanne along with more than 100 impressionist and post-impressionist pieces.
Just next door is the exhibition 'Shooting the Pulitzer', featuring more than 130 Pulitzer prize-winning photos, including one by photojournalist Kim Kyung-hoon, the first Korean to win the prize.
For those more into surrealism and pop art, around 160 works by surrealist painter Rene Magritte are presented through digital technology in 'Inside Magritte' at the Insa Central Museum.
And marking the 70th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Spain and Korea, Eva Armisen's lovely drawings await the visitors to the Sejong Museum of Art.

Alright, a comprehensive wrap-up of what we can enjoy over the weekend, thanks Bo-kyoung, we really appreicate it.

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