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K-Pop turns from trend to global culture amid COVID-19: Interview with K-Pop journalist and author Stephan Lee
Updated: 2020-07-03 04:54:23 KST
K-Pop has been taking the world by storm, and its popularity hasn't been held back by the global COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, amid the global lockdowns and the restrictions faced in every day life, new releases from the likes of Blackpink, BTS, and Seventeen are giving fans around the world much to look forward to.
There have also been online concerts by K-Pop artists that have been massively successful.
To discuss what's happening in the world of K-Pop we connect with Stephan Lee, an American journalist and author who will release a book called K-Pop Confidential this Autumn.

BTS' Bang Bang Con was the biggest paid online concert ever held anywhere in the world. Do you think the quality of the performance and the online format delivered?

Throughout this pandemic, the worldwide fervor for Kpop seems to have continued. Of course, there were many different theories and analyses on why BTS really took off in the global music industry but what's your view?

Do you think there are more elements of Kpop or perhaps some groups you think ought to gain more global attention?

Fans in the U.S. haven't just banded together in their love for K-Pop songs, the've become involved in massive Black Lives Matter fundraising efforts, intervened in political rallies, drowned out racist Twitter posts, becoming a political force to be reckoned with. What do you think enabled them to come together as this massive political force?

Do you think peoples' perception of K-Pop has changed?

You're releasing a book in September called K-Pop Confidential. We know so far that its about a Korean-American girl who aspires to become a K-pop singer. What made you want to write this book?

K-pop seems at most times very positive and the musicians very upbeat and happy. But what are some aspects of the industry that you believe needs to change?

What do you hope to convey to readers through your story?

Any fun stories or little known facts about K-pop that you've uncovered during your years of covering the industry?

We'll have to let you go now Stephan but it was wonderful talking to you. Stephan Lee, Associate Director of Bustle joining us this morning. Don't miss his book K-Pop Confidential out in bookstores this September.

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