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Touching handwritten letters sent with COVID-19 donations
Updated: 2020-04-04 12:21:13 KST
South Koreans of all ages are making donations to people in need, and they're sending notes along with them.

This gift of money and masks was sent to Gwanak-gu District Office in Seoul.

The sender says in her note that she was motivated when she read about an elderly lady who managed to give despite living on state benefits.
The writer says that as part of the younger generation, he or she is ashamed of having not done much until now.

And this donor said, "For those with more, this is nothing, but to us, who don't have much, it's a lot."

Along with the note, there was cash worth around 650 U.S. dollars and some masks, which are hard to get a hold of in Korea.

The donor is anonymous, but we were able to see security footage of her waving off the staff who wanted her credentials.

In another instance, a resident of Ulsan left this note at a police station along with around 850 U.S. dollars in cash and some masks.
The note inside the black plastic bag said that she's a street vendor who is also a beneficiary of government assistance.

And many hearts were captured by this piggy bank, left at a government office by a nine-year-old.
In her letter, she says she's touched by the healthcare workers and their sacrifices.
She's always home anyways, she writes, so she doesn't need the money.

For many people practicing social distancing, these donations and heartfelt notes are a foundation that gives them the strength to get through an emotionally difficult time.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News.
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