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2,022 COVID-19 patients released from quarantine after recovering at temporary care centers
Updated: 2020-04-01 17:23:37 KST
When South Korea faced a shortage of medical staff during the spike in COVID-19 cases in late February, nurses transferred from other hospitals or came back from other professions to help out.

"When I first heard the number of confirmed patients was increasing, I applied right away. There was no huge reason behind it. I just thought 'we need more medical staff? Then I should go.'"

Due to a shortage of hospital beds, several people died while waiting to be hospitalized.

"I heard about a person who died in self-quarantine. I thought if there was one more nurse, it would not have ended like that."

To make sure patients get the proper treatment, the Korean government designated 18 temporary care centers across the nation to look after patients without severe symptoms.
Three of those centers have stopped operations as all their patients have been released from quarantine after making full recoveries.
As of March 30th, 1,095 patients were quarantined at 15 facilities.
So far, 2,022 people have been released after recovering at temporary care centers.

The medical staff are checking up on the isolated patients regularly throughout the day.
If patients show serious symptoms, they are immediately transferred to a nearby hospital.

"Some try to stay optimistic and some struggle. It's different for each patient. But in general, they greet us with a smile when we knock on their doors."

Despite the difficult situation,the medical staff say they will not give up.

"Even if my body cannot hold up any longer, I will be with my patients until they become completely healthy and are released from quarantineand I hope the coronavirus outbreak ends soon so South Korea can recover."

Health authorities plan to close the care centers one by one as the total number of COVID-19 patients decreases.
Kan Hyeong-woo, Arirang News.
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