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#Any_Play_Challenge sweeps S. Korea as people have fun in self-quarantine
Updated: 2020-03-23 17:30:55 KST
"How to Have Fun In Self-Quarantine 101."

Some people use tape to recreate the laser security system from Mission Impossible.
Others play archery with empty plastic bottles, make a volcano with baking powder,or build a tent for an indoor getaway.
But nothing beats spending the day building a giant castle out of nothing more than simple paper cups.
And once it's finished, it's time to break it before repeating this process over and over.

"It does three things at once… it improves kids' concentration when they make it, helps them release their stress when they crash into it,….and lastly, teaches organizational skills because they have to clean up afterwards."

These are some of the "Any Play Challenge" activities that are going viral among kids staying home in South Korea.

But it's not just the kids.
From growing bean sprouts to virtual cheers, adults are also finding creative ways to have fun amid self-quarantine.
And some create a daily vlog to show what they've been up to.

"But the biggest trend that's sweeping the country is making this dalgona coffee.
People of all ages are whisking the ingredients 400 times to make a creamy foam that looks similar to a toffee-like candy called dalgona."

You mix an equal amount of instant coffee, sugar and warm water,…and when it's whipped enough you pour it on top of milk. Kids can use chocolate powder instead.
It has nearly 80-thousand posts on Instagram and YouTube videos of people making it have millions of views.
It's also spread overseas, and is even being reported by foreign media outlets.

By sharing these activities online, people are staying virtually connected with others.
And the fun and interaction they get, experts say, are important in preventing depression or anxiety or the so-called Coronavirus blues that could potentially happen due to long periods of social distancing.

Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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