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#Nurways_with_you campaign sheds light on nurses fighting COVID-19
Updated: 2020-03-22 14:25:18 KST
This campaign is going viral in South Korea, as people show their respect and thanks to all the nurses that are fighting COVID-19 on the frontline.
First, you hand-write the hashtag, which means "nurses will always be with you".

Then you post your message on Instagram and pick three people who will then pass it on to another three people.
For each post uploaded, about 50 cents will be donated to improving the working environment for nurses.

The campaign began with one former nurse who came out of retirement to help fight COVID-19 and is currently working in Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province.
He wanted to raise people's awareness of nurses who have to be ready to help their patients 24/7, and face extreme pressure -- both physically and mentally.

"Within 10 minutes, your whole body is sweating, and that sweat is trapped inside the waterproof suit.
Then you get extremely hot and the heat goes up to your head, making your goggles humid. It makes your eyes water and they get really itchy. But we are also fighting the fear of getting infected and possibly passing on the virus to our own families and others."

And there are others challenges that they could face.
Some in the media call those who resign irresponsible without knowing the whole story.
And there are people who think nurses are dangerous just because they've had contact with confirmed patients, which is also not true.
But there also moments that keep them going.

"When our patients recover and leave hospital, we feel we made the right choice coming here. But then, also, the hospital can't go on for one day without nurses,and especially due to the shortage, we know how every single one of us is so critical. It is that sense of responsibility."

Proper meals, better pay, and advanced equipment, are all still needed to improve nurses' working conditions.
But the cheerful messages that this kind of campaign brings to them from around the country help nurses feel appreciated.

"Stay strong"
"Thank you and cheer up"
"Your work is hope to us, we will always remember your efforts."

Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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