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Arts establishments to stream concerts or performances online amid COVID-19 outbreak
Updated: 2020-03-18 17:12:53 KST
In order to help prevent COVID-19 from spreading further, arts establishments are canceling concerts and performances.
Among them is Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater, closed until April 30th.
While most of the theater's performances have been called off, some will be streamed online.

"Out of 60 performances originally scheduled from February to April, 8 are scheduled to be online. It could be quite a burden for theaters to put performances online due to additional fees such as shooting or transmitting. But they are necessary because artists need to make a living."

Korea National University of Arts has also canceled all scheduled performances, yet students decided to make a 10-minute video of their shows and uploaded them onto YouTube and Naver TV.

"With many theater performances canceled, these online performances give theater-lovers a chance to still enjoy the shows, which helps them stay positive in these difficult times."

The performers say, they are glad to be able to give viewers the chance to put their COVID-19 concerns aside.

"Due to COVID-19, people could feel depressed because they can't go outside. We hope our performances can deliver hope to them."

"It is sad that there isn't an audience given that performers of Korean traditional arts enjoy themselves much more when there's a response, yet we hope our online shows can send energy to people."

But, this is not just happening in South Korea.
The Metropolitan Opera in New York has decided to cancel all performances until the end of March due to COVID-19.
During the closure, it is offering opera-lovers a chance to enjoy streaming services of encore presentations from the award-winning 'Live in HD' series.
Berliner Philharmoniker in Germany has also shut down and won't reopen until April 19th.
People can enjoy over 600 orchestral concerts if logged in to the Digital Concert Hall ticket page with the code provided on the website, free of charge for 30 days.
KIM Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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