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TUE, 2016-05-31 KST

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No Date Title Video
1 2016-05-31 Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Ep209 Program Full Video
2 2016-05-24 Kim Il-soo, the Director of the Korea-Africa Center Ep208 Program Full Video
3 2016-05-17 Lee Young-moo, the President of Hanyang University Ep207 Program Full Video
4 2016-05-10 Maximilian Hecker, an ethereal pop singer-songwriter Ep206 Program Full Video
5 2016-05-03 Deepak Chopra, a pioneer and advocate of integrative medicine Ep205 Program Full Video
6 2016-04-26 Jose Luis Bernal Rodriguez, the Ambassador of Mexico to the Republic of Korea Ep204 Program Full Video
7 2016-04-19 Peretz Lavie, the President of Technion Ep203 Program Full Video
8 2016-04-12 Kim Jung-man, a world-class photographer Ep202 Program Full Video
9 2016-04-05 Shamshad Akhtar, the Executive Secretary of UN ESCAP Ep201 Program Full Video
10 2016-03-29 Chung Il-young, the President and CEO of Incheon International Airport Corporation Ep200 Program Full Video
11 2016-03-22 The ONGALS, a non-verbal comedy team that has taken the world by storm Ep199 Program Full Video
12 2016-03-15 Ken Mok, a prominent television and film producer Ep198 Program Full Video
13 2016-03-08 Mike Ellis, the President and Managing Director of the Asia-Pacific Region for the Motion Picture Association (MPA) Ep197 Program Full Video
14 2016-03-01 Independence Movement Day Special: Kim Seo-kyung and Kim Eun-sung, the sculptors behind the Girl of Peace statues Ep196 Program Full Video
15 2016-02-23 Bartomeu Mari Ribas, Director of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Ep195 Program Full Video
16 2016-02-16 Kim Hyun-jun, the first Korean musical director to debut on Off-Broadway Ep194 Program Full Video
17 2016-02-09 Choi Bong-seok, the Master of Making Hangwa Ep193 Program Full Video
18 2016-02-02 Pentti Sammallati, whose photographs capture arresting winter scenes Ep192 Program Full Video
19 2016-01-26 Yun Mi-wol, Kimchi Grand Master and operator of Michelin-starred Korean restaurant Ep191 Program Full Video
20 2016-01-19 Martine Prost, granted Korean citizenship for her contribution to the return of the Royal Protocols of the Joseon Dynasty Ep190 Program Full Video
21 2016-01-12 Thierry Coppens, the General Director of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Ep189 Program Full Video
22 2016-01-05 Cheon Jin-gi, the Director of the National Folk Museum of Korea Ep188 Program Full Video
23 2015-12-29 Insooni, a singer who instills hopes and dreams in others Ep187 Program Full Video
24 2015-12-22 Ronn Branton, a jazz pianist who helps people get into the Christmas spirit Ep186 Program Full Video
25 2015-12-15 Stephen Linton, the Chairman of the Eugene Bell Foundation, a non-profit organization established to provide humanitarian aid to North Korea Ep185 Program Full Video
26 2015-12-08 JLing Yifan, a Chinese webcomic artist who visited Korea Ep184 Program Full Video
27 2015-12-01 Jocelyn Clark, a professor and award-winning gayageum player Ep183 Program Full Video
28 2015-11-24 First Naturalized Korean Assemblywoman Jasmine Leeof the Saenuri Party Ep182 Program Full Video
29 2015-11-17 World Ballet Star and a Legend Andris Liepa Ep181 Program Full Video
30 2015-11-10 Israeli Writer Amos Oz, the Winner of the 2015 Park Kyong-ni Prize Ep180 Program Full Video
31 2015-11-03 Kim Dong-ho, honorary festival director at the Busan International Film Festival, main player in the 20 years of BIFF history and the godfather of Korean cinema Ep179 Program Full Video
32 2015-10-27 Christopher Lee, the director of the documentary film, "The Last Tear" Ep178 Program Full Video
33 2015-10-20 Park Bum-shin, a celebrated novelist who's called an 'eternally young writer' Ep177 Program Full Video
34 2015-10-13 Cha Sang-gu, a Canadian musician who became inspired by Korea and its culture Ep176 Program Full Video
35 2015-09-29 Cho Tae-kwon, the CEO of Kwangjuyo who's presenting traditional Korean ceramic ware, food and liquor! Ep174 Program Full Video
36 2015-09-22 Sara Raza Khan, who has won the hearts of the people in Pakistan Ep173 Program Full Video
37 2015-09-15 Choe Jun-ho, the artistic director for the Years 2015-2016 of Korea-France Bilateral Exchanges Ep172 Program Full Video
38 2015-09-08 Juan Osorio Ortiz, a prominent Mexican television producer who came to learn about Korean dramas Ep171 Program Full Video
39 2015-09-01 Park Ki-tae, the Founder of VANK promoting Korea through private diplomacy Ep170 Program Full Video
40 2015-08-25 Lee Kwang-soo, the Creator of Samulnori Ep169 Program Full Video
41 2015-08-18 Lee Ham-jun, the President of Ensemble La Mer et L'Ile who is promoting Dokdo Island through the arts Ep168 Program Full Video
42 2015-08-11 Im Heung-soon, a film director and artist who became the first Korean to win Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale Ep167 Program Full Video
43 2015-08-04 Ko Hak-chan, the President of Seoul Arts Center who's making the arts more accessible Ep166 Program Full Video
44 2015-07-28 Lee Lee-nam, a media artist who brings classical paintings to life Ep165 Program Full Video
45 2015-07-21 Graeme Murphy, an innovative choreographer from Australia who breathes new life into classical ballets Ep164 Program Full Video
46 2015-07-14 Nah Seoung-sook, an ottchil artist who adds modernity to the traditional art form Ep163 Program Full Video
47 2015-07-07 The INNERview Ep162 K. Chae, a photographer who captures fleeting moments as colorful photographs Ep162 Program Full Video
48 2015-06-30 The INNERview Ep161 Kim In-hee, the General Director of Seoul Ballet Theater pushing the limits of the traditional realm of ballet Program Full Video
49 2015-06-23 The INNERview Ep160 Hong Il-pyo, a National Assemblyman who has become a voice for minorities Program Full Video
50 2015-06-16 The INNERview Ep159 Vadim Repin, a world-renowned violin virtuoso known for his musical sensitivity and exceptional techniques Program Full Video
51 2015-06-09 The INNERview Ep158 Lim Hyung-joo, Asia's first popera tenor with a 'voice of heaven' Program Full Video
52 2015-06-02 The INNERview Ep157 KT Kim, best known for his candid fashion photographs IM! Program Full Video
53 2015-05-26 The INNERview Ep156 Jang Jin, a multi-talented film director and screenwriter Program Full Video
54 2015-05-19 The INNERview Ep155 Um Hong-gil, a mountaineer who successfully reached the summits of 16 peaks in the Himalayas Program Full Video
55 2015-05-12 The INNERview Ep154 Park Wan-su, the President of the Incheon International Airport Corporation Program Full Video
56 2015-05-05 The INNERview Ep153 Lee Sang-min, a member of the 19th National Assembly who shows nothing is impossible Program Full Video
57 2015-04-28 The INNERview Ep152 Tammy Nam, CEO of Viki Program Full Video
58 2015-04-21 Michael McRobbie, the President of Indiana University, maintaining strong ties with Korean universities and alumni! Ep151 Program Full Video
59 2015-04-14 The INNERview Ep150C7 Beyond the glitz and glam Program Full Video
60 2015-04-07 The INNERview Ep149 Lee Eun-gyeol, the top illusionist of Korea Program Full Video
61 2015-03-24 The INNERView Ep141 Kim Sun-hee, promoting the excellence of Korean ballet on the world stage Program Full Video
62 2015-03-10 Cha Hong, sharing self-hairstyling tips and tricks Ep148 Program Full Video
63 2015-03-03 Ahn Jae-wook, a 20-year veteran actor - who led the first wave of the K-drama craze Ep147 Program Full Video
64 2015-02-24 The INNERview Ep145 Hwang Byeong-joon, a recording engineer who became the first Grammy winner in Korea Program Full Video
65 2015-02-17 The INNERview Ep142 Kim Seung-won, the first international makeup artist from Asia Program Full Video
66 2015-02-10 Jang Seung-hyo, combining fragments of images into works of art Ep140 Program Full Video
67 2015-02-03 KANG Byung-in, a calligrapher bringing attention to the beauty of hangeul Ep136 Program Full Video
68 2015-01-27 LEE Jun-ho, a top-notch photographer who introduced Ep133 Program Full Video
69 2015-01-20 Clara-Jumi KANG, a promising young violinist Ep131 Program Full Video
70 2014-12-16 The INNERview Ep146 Han Myung-ok, an artistic director of the National Gugak Center Program Full Video
71 2014-12-02 The INNERview Ep144 Kim Min-kyoung, the first colorist in Korea Program Full Video
72 2014-11-25 The INNERview Ep143 Kim Ha-jun, the No. 1 sand artist in Korea Program Full Video
73 2014-10-28 Kim Hai-yung, a humanitarian aid worker #139 Program Full Video
74 2014-10-21 Yoo Ji-sung, the first adventure runner in Korea #138 Program Full Video
75 2014-10-14 Lee Don-tae, the President of the London-based design consulting firm Tangerine #137 Program Full Video
76 2014-09-30 Peter BARTHOLOMEW, the blue-eyed guardian of hanok #135 Program Full Video
77 2014-09-23 Catherine CHEVILLOT, the Director of Musee Rodin #134 Program Full Video
78 2014-09-09 KIM Ji-won, a highly sought after costume designer for traditional Korean theater #132 Program Full Video
79 2014-08-26 OH Chung, the CEO of Siwhadam, leading the globalization of Korean cuisine #130 Program Full Video