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Program : What's on This Episode

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : MON to SAT 15:00  KST

★ On Scene ★
"Life on Mars"

Korea's top actors CHUNG Kyung-ho, PARK Sung-woong, KO A-sung and others have teamed up for a new TV series!It's an old-school investigative TV drama which will wow many viewers this summer! It's the new TV series "Life on Mars" and we'll take you to the press conference right now~

[Jung Eugene]

I had the honor of sitting down with actress Jung Eugene who did a fabulous job acting as 'Ms. Kang' in the recently finished TV drama "Something in the Rain." In this TV series, her character was a chic, beautiful lady who wowed many guys and who many ladies envied but when I sat down with her, she was very down-to-earth and a joy to talk with.
Let's now meet actress Jung Eugene on this week's Exclusive Date!


There's Seo kang-jun everywhere! He's a very handsome actor but... What happened to him??? Actor Seo kang-jun is playing a double role in the new TV drama "Are You Human?" He plays a human being and a robot, something we haven't seen in the Korean drama industry. The veil has finally been lifted off this pre-produced TV drama, a year and 7 months after the filming ended. Can an AI robot fall in love with a human being? Is that even possible? This drama has stories which we had only imagined and is Korea's first-ever TV drama which depicts the romance between an AI robot and a person. Many have high expectations for this drama so we'll take you to the press conference right now~


Actor Lee You-jin starred in the second season of the popular TV series "Age of Youth"and he dominated the silver screen through the hit movie "Be With You."In this movie, he played the younger version of actor So Ji-sub‘s character and showed rich emotional acting with his deep eyes. We sat down with this talented actor and learned more about him and his future activities.
Let's hear Lee You-jin's honest story and find out more about this attractive star right now.

Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Jeon Haeng-jin
- Kim Joong-sik
- Kim Hyung-woo
- Kim Dong-wan
- Oh Heung-su
- Kim Ji-young
- Jeon Jae-woo
Assistant Director
- Jo Yeon-gyeong
- An Su-bin
- Jang Woo-jin
- Woo Ju-hyun
- Park Ji-young
- Yu Min-young
English Writer
- Yuhn Cecilia
- Lee Na-ri
- Joo Brian
- Kwon Lina
Assistant Host
- Wang soo-jung
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