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Program : What's on This Episode

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : MON to SAT 15:00  KST

show biz korea
☆ On Scene ☆
"Crime City"

It's satisfying, exciting and bloody! The homicide detectives have begun a mop-up operation to get rid of local gangs! A monster-like detective has lived until now, solely with his fist! There's 'Jang Chen', the atrocious leader of a crime organization! Will the crime in the city disappear tonight? The new movie with the working title "Crime City" is ready to greet everyone this October! You can learn about the activities of Korean celebrities through ON SCENE! Let us take you on location right now!

Moon So-ri

Actress Moon So-ri is a renowned actress who is loved by Korean viewers and the global audience. She is active as an actress, writes screenplays and directs films! She expressed everything about herself through the new movie "The Running Actress" so let us find out everything there is to know about this acclaimed actress on this week's Exclusive Date!


A new weekend TV drama is out to touch viewers and make them laugh. It's the new drama "My Golden Life" starring actors Park Si-hoo and Shin Hae-sun. Showbiz Korea went to the press conference to get the scoop on this new production! The drama "My Golden Life" shows a woman who wants to break free from her worthless and low-down environment and dreams of climbing up the social ladder to be one of the ultra rich. We hope many will relate to this drama and make sure you enjoy this drama until the end~


Actor Ahn Hyo-seop portrayed an innocent, young man in the recently finished hit TV drama "My Father is Strange." Hear about some episodes with his co-stars Ryu Hwa-young and Lee Yu-ri and get the scoop on the project group One O One with actors Kwak Si-yang and Song Won-seok. In addition, hear Hyo-seop tell us about his childhood days in Canada. Our delightful one-on-one with the attractive Ahn Hyo-seop begins right now.

Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Jeon Haeng-jin
- Hwang Ung-ki
- Kim Hyung-woo
- Kim Dong-wan
- Hwang Ho-kyeong
- Kim Woo-ju
- Oh Heung - su
- Kim Young seok
- Kim Ji young
Assistant Director
- Lee A-ram
- Sun hyeon -I
- Kim Min-jeong
- Kim Jin-ah
- Yeom Sun-Young
- Lee Ji - hyun
English Writer
- Yuhn Cecilia
- Lee Na-ri
- Jasper Cho
- Lina Kwon
Assistant Host
- Jenny Han
- Hanna Lee
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