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Business Daily

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World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 16:00 KST

Business Daily Ep.673
This year's final monetary policy committee meeting

The Bank of Korea's monetary policy committee is approaching a decision next week on whether it will increase the benchmark interest rate as is expected. The BOK seemed likely to raise the rate for the fifth consecutive month, but with the sudden emergence of several new variables the expected may not happen. We sit down with an expert for an overview of the situation.

Special Report
Bio economy era, the origin of K-Bio

Korean biopharmaceuticals have recently taken center stage, with Samsung's anticancer drugs being approved for sale in Europe. The new drugs have an estimated value of billions of dollars. The public and private sectors are increasing investment in the bio-industry which could have both social and economic impacts. We look at the future of the bio-industry and if Korea is headed towards a "bio-economic era".

Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kim Oe-sik
- Park Se-kyung
- Sohn Ye-hyoung
- Cho Myoung-soo
Assistant Director
- Ko Ji-hoon
- Yoon Yeun-jung
- Song Da-Eun
English Writer
- Lee Ju-young
- Eunice Kim
- Yoo Jun-hee