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MON, 2015-11-30 KST

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GOT7 (Confession Song)
GOT7 (Confession Song)

This is the title track of GOT7's repackaged album, "MAD Winter Edition." Written and composed by J.Y. Park, it's about a guy who tries to confess his feelings to a girl with a song. The sweet melody and vocals are heartwarming.

APRIL (Muah!)
So Hot Clips
APRIL (Muah!)

This is the title track of APRIL's first single album, "Boing Boing." It's a pop dance song with a cute hook and a trendy sound. It's about a girl who's about to confess her feelings to her crush. The members of APRIL show their cute and lovely side to the fantastic melody and exciting beat.

Star Track

The song has an addictive lead sound, with the music arranged using analog instruments. The color, "pink," which is usually associated with innocence and girliness was used to accentuate the sexy appeal of EXID.

f(x) (Pinocchio (Danger))
f(x) (Pinocchio (Danger))

This is the title track of f(x)'s first full-length album of the same name. It's an electronic pop dance song with a combination of intense beats and unique guitar sounds. It describes the learning process in love and relationships through Pinocchio, a character in a famous children's story. The members' distinct and charismatic vocals will captivate your ears.

Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kim Do-hyun
- Song Si-Hyuk
- Kim Hyung-woo
- Lee Jin-won
- Kim Ji-hyun
Assistant Director
- Kim Hyung-jun
- Han Dong-ju
- Park In-kyoung
- Yun Eun-ju
- Ku Bo-hyeon
- Jang Woo-jin
- Kim Hyo-hyun
English Writer
- Kaylin