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Pops in Seoul
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Pops in Seoul

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 15:30 KST

Pops in Seoul
Suzy (Midnight)

This is a track from Suzy's previous album that was recreated with Yiruma's piano performance that pairs beautifully with the plaintive mood. It tells a sentimental story of not being able to fall asleep at night because of a sense of longing.

Pops in Seoul
What's the Buzz

This is the lead track of EXID's fourth mini album, "Full Moon." This song sends out a message to all the men who are deceitful, as it is obvious that they're lying from the way their body shake. The humming theme created with LE's voice sounds quite catchy.

Pops in Seoul
K-POP Hot Spot
Kim Sung-kyu (True Love)

This is the lead track of Kim Sung-kyu's first studio album, "10 Stories." It's an alternative pop song with a fresh yet plaintive sound, where Kim Sung-kyu's calm and clear vocals stand out. The piano melody in the first half sets the overall mood of the song.

Pops in Seoul
NCT DREAM (My First and Last)

This is the lead track of NCT DREAM's first single record titled "The First." It's a catchy song in pop style centering on teenage boys who want to make sure their first love lasts a lifetime. Mark wrote the rap himself, heightening everyone's anticipation.

Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Jeon Haeng-jin
- Hwang Ung-ki
- Kim Hyung-woo
- Kim Dong-wan
- Lee Jin-won
- Kim Hyung-jun
Assistant Director
- Kang Min-ju
- Kim A- young
- Park So- ram
- Jin Bo-kyung
- Kim Da - young
- Park Ji - hee
- Lee Mi - sun
English Writer
- Kaylin Ro
- Nancy