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Pops in Seoul
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Pops in Seoul

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 15:30 KST

Pops in Seoul
Loco (It's been a while (Feat. Zion.T)

This is the lead track of Loco's new EP, "HELLO." As the first collaboration between Loco and Zion.T, "It's Been a While" reveals the great teamwork between the two artists as well as their longtime friend and colleague, GRAY.

Pops in Seoul
Dance How To
GFRIEND (Sunrise)

This is the lead track of GFRIEND's second studio album, "Time for Us." It centers on a young woman whose love is growing deeper, and her feelings are compared to the sun that is about to rise. This song could be described as a sequel to their previous song, "Time for the Moon Night."

Pops in Seoul
M/V Play By Play
J-HOPE (Daydream)

This is the lead track of J-HOPE's first mix tape, "Hope World." This is a hip hop song presented by J-HOPE as "Jeong Ho-seok," where he describes the unrealistic experiences he daydreams about. It emanates a bright and positive energy and will give hope and courage to the listeners.

Pops in Seoul
SOHEE (Hurry Up (Feat. BOL4))

This is SOHEE's first solo single. In this song, SOHEE tells her crush to tell her how he feels, and the refreshing synth sound and the main loop that repeats throughout the song highlight the vocal tone.

Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Jeon Haeng-jin
- Kim Joong-sik
- Kim Hyung-woo
- Kim Dong-wan
- Lee Jin-won
- Kang min-ju
- Yoon An-na
Assistant Director
- P ark Seong-jae
- Jin Bo-kyung
- Kim Da-young
- Park Ji-hee
- Kim Jin-hee
English Writer
- Kaylin Ro
- Samuel