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FRI, 2015-03-06 KST

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What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 18:30 KST

Date : 2015-03-06

arirang tv
arirang tv

sam,a solo artist who's receiving a lot of love for his good looks and outstanding vocals, will present you with the hottest songs of the week via K-pop 20. The songs that charted in places from 10 to 6 will be rearranged for Music Unplugged, while 5 Hot Tracks presents 5 best of the best songs of the week.

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HELLOVENUS (Sticky Sticky)

This is the title track of HELLOVENUS' 4th single of the same name. It is a hip hop song with a retro sound that highlights the feminine and sexy qualities of HELLOVENUS. The funky melody and old school rhythm stand out, and the repetitive hook sounds catchy and makes it easy to sing along.

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Pops 20
Zico (Well Done (feat. Ja Mezz))

This is the title track of Zico's second single album of the same name. It has an analog sound mixed with acid jazz and boom bap. This is like an autobiographical song where Zico looks back on the past days of hardships. It features the charismatic rapper Ja Mezz, who helped perfect the song.

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Music Unplugged
15& (Love Is Madness)

This is a song with a dreamy intro, and there is a pleasant harmony of Ji-min's whispery voice and Ye-rin's emotional voice. Their amazing ad-libs and Kanto's rap in the bridge will leave a strong impression.

arirang tv
5 Hot Tracks
4minute (Crazy)

This is one of the double title tracks of 4minute's 6th mini album of the same name. It has an intense and rapid trap beat, and the members project a tough and charismatic image with their powerful rap and vocals. The repetitive chorus with the lyrics, "As if I am crazy," is especially addictive.

arirang tv
VIXX (Love Equation)

This is the title track of VIXX's special single album, "Boys' Record." This is a rearranged version that has a trendy synth sound and variable beats added to the exciting sound of the original song. The newly created melody and lyrics and the rap written by member Ravi are bound to make you groove to the song.

Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kim Do-hyun
- Min Tae-kyung
- Kim Hyung-woo
- Lee Jin-won
- Lee Ah-reum
- Kim Ji-hyun
Assistant Director
- Han Dong-ju
- Kim Hyung-seok
- Yun Eun-ju
- Ku Bo-hyeon
- Jang Woo-jin
- kim Hyo-hyun
English Writer
- Kaylin
- Tasha
- Nak-hun
- 1kyne
- Coco
- Sam