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Pops in Seoul
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Pops in Seoul

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 15:30 KST

Pops in Seoul
VICTON (Nostalgic Night)

With a blend of a futuristic synth sound and a slow beat in trap BPM, "Nostalgic Night" is about missing someone on a nostalgic night.

Pops in Seoul
The Message from Pops Viewers ①
Paul Kim, CHUNGHA (Loveship)

The special duet song was written and composed by Paul Kim. It's about the heart-fluttering moments that went by unnoticed in a friendship.

Pops in Seoul
The Message from Pops Viewers ②

It's about taking bold actions in pursuit of freedom, while escaping oppression and restrictions. It also describes the group's aspirations to expand into a brand new world.

Pops in Seoul
Baek Ye-rin (Across the Universe)

It depicts the mysterious side of the universe and the emptiness it represents. It has a flawless blend of emotional vocals and instrumental sounds, and it describes the motions that are beyond love and the heartache of a breakup.

Pops in Seoul
The Message from Pops Viewers ③
Jay Park (DRIVE (feat. GRAY))

It accentuates a completely different side of Jay Park compared to his previous album. The music video features Bora of Sistar, whom Jay Park has mentioned many times as his ideal type.

Pops in Seoul
Jun Hyo-seong (STARLIGHT)

This is a pop R&B song released by Jun Hyo-seong in time for the 10th anniversary of her debut. In this song, she expresses her gratitude toward her fans for always waiting for her.

Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kim Hyung-gon
- Park Shin-sung
- Kim Hyung-woo
- Kim Dong-wan
- Hwang Ho-kyeong
- Oh Dong-wook
Assistant Director
- Jo Yeon-gyeong
- Kim Jin-seon
- Jin Bo-kyung
- Kim Da-young
- Park Ji-hee
- Kim Jin-hee
English Writer
- Kaylin Ro
- Kim Byeong-kwan