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SUN, 2015-03-29 KST

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What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 18:30 KST

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arirang tv

Nak-hun, a sweet guy from Demion, will turn into a K-pop messenger to introduce you to various K-pop songs. He'll take you to the hottest scenes where all the action is via K-pop 24/7 and travel back in time to check out past hits via Once at One. He'll also present a song requested by one of our viewers on Pops Request.

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V.O.S (Someday)

This is the title track of V.O.S' mini album of the same name. It centers on a man who wishes that his yearning for his past love could be eased with a destined re-encounter. The emotional lyrics and V.O.S' heartfelt vocals are very moving.

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K-pop 24/7
MADTOWN (New World)

This is the title track of MADTOWN's 2nd mini album, "Welcome to MADTOWN." It's a hybrid trap song that reveals the unique identity of MADTOWN. Through this song, the group conveys a message to the listeners to forget about their redundant lives and live in the moment!

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Once at One
DAVICHI (Be Warmed (feat. Verbal Jint))

This is the title track of DAVICHI's single album of the same name. This is actually the first song that singer-songwriter Verbal Jint wrote for an artist outside his agency. You'll find the sounds of the acoustic guitar and the piano very refreshing. DAVICHI, who are known for their heart-wrenching ballad music, deviated from their signature sound for this song.

arirang tv
G-Dragon (Heartbreaker)

This is the title track of G-Dragon's 1st studio album of the same name. This song with an impressive electronica sound became a hot issue as it was personally produced by G-Dragon himself. G-Dragon caught everyone's attention through the music video, where he made a shocking transformation with smokey makeup and blond hair.

Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kim Do-hyun
- Min Tae-kyung
- Kim Hyung-woo
- Lee Jin-won
- Lee Ah-reum
- Kim Ji-hyun
Assistant Director
- Han Dong-ju
- Kim Hyung-seok
- Yun Eun-ju
- Ku Bo-hyeon
- Jang Woo-jin
- kim Hyo-hyun
English Writer
- Kaylin
- Tasha
- Nak-hun
- 1kyne
- Coco
- Sam