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Showbiz Korea
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Episode: #315
Showbiz Today
Lee Min-ho & Kim You-jung, Appointed as the 2012 Honorary PR Ambassadors for Youth!
Press Conference of the Drama, 'I'll Give You the Stars and the Moon!'
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What are the hottest entertainment issues online these days? Find out through Showbiz Korea's 'Hot Search'!

1. Infinite, holds a massive comeback showcase
2. KARA, highly sought after by the Japanese advertisement industry
3. Jo Seung-woo, to star in a drama for the first time
4. Hyun Bin, out shopping
5. Gong Yoo on the set of 'Big'

Behind Simply K-pop

Let's Dive into the K-pop World via 'Simply K-pop!'

Love K-pop?! Then, you should tune in to 'Simply K-pop,' a music program on Arirang TV, every week! Get ready to meet the hottest K-pop stars who gave spectacular performances on the stage!

Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kim Do-hyun
- Min Tae-Kyung
- Kim Hyung-woo
- Kim Dong-wan
- Shin Yun-ho
- Hwang Ho-kyeong
- Bang Hoon
- Kang Soo-jin
- Kim Chan-seung
Assistant Director
- Lee Yoon-ah
- Park Su-ji
- Kim Min-jeong
- Kim Jin-ah
- Kim Ha-yeoun
- Park Ji-young
English Writer
- Yuhn Cecilia
- Yuhn He-ra
- Adrien Lee
Assistant Host
- Catharina Choi
- Kwon Li-Na
- kim Ji-Su
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Broadcasting range
Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, Americas, Korea

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