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WED, 2015-05-27 KST

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Guest: [MONSTA X] Ep161

World Ch. Schedule : TUE 13:00 KST

Guest: [MONSTA X]
Live on May 26,1 PM (KST)

How can you not like them?
The 7 guys of MONSTA X, 'TRESPASS'-ing their way into every fan's heart!
After debuting through an audition program, MONSTA X already has a wide fanbase!
They've officially debuted with their first album, [TRESPASS]!
These monster rookies, already skilled in singing and dancing, and even in composing and writing songs,
visit ASC, RIGHT after their debut!

Far apart, but together in heart!

Be sure to tune in for live video chatting and live tweets with [MONSTA X]

You can be part of our show every week!
Be ready for our #SelcaASC proof shots and other live online interaction with your favorite stars.

We've got a lot of prizes ready for those who participate on After School Club, so if you want to make some special memories, don't hesitate!


Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
  • Summer Jung
  • Park Hee-ju
Assistant Director
  • Juile Park
  • Minju Kim
  • Yonju Jang
  • Yang Seon-jin
  • Lee A-ra
  • Pauline Kim
  • Jackie Yoo
  • Eric Nam
  • Kevin
  • Jimin
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