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Program : What's on This Week

What's on This Week

World Ch. Schedule : WED 10:30 KST

Arts Avenue 9 #08
Fine Art
“Body Scandal”

An exhibit that is as beautiful as it is haunting! “Body Scandal” brings an interesting perspective to something we all know too well: the human form. Artists were invited to make statements on social and political issues through works of art about bodies.

Creative Director Choi Do-jin

Displays in show windows are a thing of the past. An explosive new trend for brands is spatial design, where art meets installation meets elevated consumer experiencel. We introduce you to a creative mind behind impressive spatial designs, artist Choi Do-jin.

Jongmyo Daeje: Royal Ancestral Rite

Once a year, a grand procession and ceremony take place in the heart of Seoul at Jongmyo Shrine. Jongmyo Daeje is an ancestral rite that honors the reigning kings and queens of the Joseon Dynasty, and it’s a cultural heritage with a history that dates back 500 years.

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Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Yoon Hye-young
- Park Jeong-woo
- Kim Ji-hyun
- Seo Jin-yong
- Oh Yun-kyeong
Assistant Director
- Kim Bo-yeon
Camera Director
- Kim Jae-seong
- Jeong Wook-joon
- Lee Hoo-young
- Lee Eun-soo
- Lee Shin-hwa
- Choi Yu-won
- Kim So-jeong
- Shin Hyo-young
English Writer
- Lee Na-ri
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