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Program : What's on This Week

What's on This Week

Past Program

Arts Avenue 9 #26
Fine Art
"Ring: a Circle and a Square" Exhibit

The exhibit takes a look at violence – the violence that is all around us, constant, and a tangible part of our everyday lives. It is given a clever name to introduce the subject matter to us, as a ring can symbolize a circle, but to a boxer, it is the square enclosure where violent matches take place.

Illustrator MAMACOMMA

An illustrator who works under the name Mamacomma has been stealing the spotlight with her drawings and calligraphy. Meet the artist who can give an abundance of attitude and emotions with her trademark expressionless illustrations.

Byeolsingut Meets Contemporary Jazz

A shamanic ritual called Byeolsingut is given a new edge, while maintaining its original form. The performance is led by Korean traditional musicians with contemporary jazz musicians to create an experience that is brilliantly unique, yet comfortingly familiar.

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Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Park Hyung-sil
- Park Jeong-woo
- Kim Ji-hyun
- Seo Jin-yong
- Oh Yun-kyeong
Assistant Director
- Kim Bo-yeon
Camera Director
- Kim Jae-seong
- Jeong Wook-joon
- Lee Hoo-young
- Lee Eun-soo
- Lee Shin-hwa
- Choi Yu-won
- Kim So-jeong
- Shin Hyo-young
English Writer
- Lee Na-ri
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