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FRI, 2014-10-31  KST

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Making the Grade

We set up the education theme with shots of kids at school and teachers.

Tiffany and Erik meet Matt at APIS to take on a math class of seventh graders in the “Are You Smarter than a 7th Grader?” challenge.
Matt gives Erik and Tiffany a tour of the school facilities.

Erik and Tiffany head to the School of Global Sarang to see Mina in class.
Erik and Tiffany take Mina out for ice cream to talk about what it’s like to be a foreigner at a Korean public school.

Tiffany and Erik head to the Shoofly Academy to meet Rick and help him teach a few classes.
After classes, Erik and Tiffany help Rick clean up and debrief the classes.

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Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kwon Tae-chul
- Cho Hyun-tae
- Kum Seong-hae
- Jin Min
- Jen Moeller
- Jen Moeller
English Writer
- Kim Jiah
- Gu In-hee
Directer by
- R4 Pictures
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