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Past Program

Date : 2013-08-14

Semipermanent  #1


The Expat Life: We introduce Erik and Tiffany and discover a little bit about their story and why they are in Korea.
We also meet a long time expat who’'s explored the city and Seoul his/her home. In contrast we see what Seoul is like through fresh eyes, from a newly transplanted foreigner, trying to find their feet. What do they love and hate about life here? Have they embraced Seoul? Why or why not?

Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kwon Tae-chul
- Cho Hyun-tae
- Kum Seong-hae
- Jin Min
- Jen Moeller

- Jen Moeller

English Writers
- Kim Jiah
- Gu In-hee

Directer by
- R4 Pictures
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Send your questions and comments to shkum@arirang.co.kr
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