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Past Program

Date : 2014-04-18

Host : James Howe (US)

- Professor at the School of Culinary Arts, Woosong University
- Worked as a hotel chef in the U.S.
- Born to a German father and a Korean mother
- Have been dedicated to training young chefs for the globalization of Korean cuisine for 12 years
- Awarded a number of hanshik culinary prizes.

Secrets of Golden Doenjang


- Learns about traditional doenjang from famed doenjang master Ki Sun-do of Damyang

- Differences between Japan's miso and Korea's doenjang

- Health secrets of doenjang (anti-cancer properties)

- Doenjang stew and various foods that go well with doenjang (pork belly and ssamjang, tofu and doenjang, pig's feet and doenjang, and boiled pork)

- Doenjang school, fish and meat doenjang

- Fusion doenjang and cream sauce

Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kwon Tae-chul
- Choi Han-Young
- Kim Joo-sun
- Kang Su-seok
- Joe Seong-hyeok
- Kwon Yong-chan
- Soung Gin-man
- Kim Jeong-eun
- Hong Jonge-hwa
- Kang hyeon-mi
- Park Hye-jeong
English Editors
- Jiah Kim
- Gu In-hee
Direted by
- Wing Production
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