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Schedule : Thursday to Friday 6:30PM(KST)

Host : Tim Alper (UK)

- Columnist, worked as a chef in the U.K., presently a TBS PD
- Alper has worked as a culture columnist since he came to Korea from the U.K. after watching the 2002 FIFA World Cup. A hanshik mania himeself, Alper will try his hand at hosting an episode on Korean food and his assignment is cheonggukjang.

Korea's Healing Food, Cheonggukjan


In light of the mounting interest in Korean food, Taste of Wisdom takes a multifaceted look at Korea's fermented foods, the root of Korean cuisine. The first episode is about cheonggukjang. One of the most well-known slow foods of Korea and an excellent source of protein, cheonggukjang is gaining renewed recognition for its cancer-fighting and weight-reducing effects. This episode features a variety of stories, including people who gained back their health with cheonggukjang and culinary culture associated with cheonggukjang.

Korea has a long culinary heritage of "jang," an array of bean-based fermented seasonings, and cheonggukjang is among the healthiest fermented foods in Korea.
Why have Koreans enjoyed cheonggukjang for so long, since 1,500 years ago?
What substances does cheonggukjang contain and what kind of healthful effects do they have?
Gynecologist Dr. Hong Young-jae tells his story about cheonggukjang and how it was the only thing he was able to keep down at the throe of death.
A dentist talks about how she lost ten kilograms just by eating cheonggukjang.
And an eccentric cheonggukjang expert expounds on her culinary philosophy which motivated her to make cheonggukjang jam.
What are the secrets of the bacillus bacteria that create the slimy, stringy texture typical of cheonggukjang?
British food columnist Tim Alper explores all there is to know about cheonggukjang.

Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kwon Tae-chul
- Choi Han-Young
- Kim Joo-sun
- Kang Su-seok
- Joe Seong-hyeok
- Kwon Yong-chan
- Soung Gin-man
- Kim Jeong-eun
- Hong Jonge-hwa
- Kang hyeon-mi
- Park Hye-jeong
English Editors
- Jiah Kim
- Gu In-hee
Direted by
- Wing Production
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