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Schedule : Friday 1:00PM(KST)

Date : 2014-04-11

[Simply K-Pop in Shanghai Part 2 Cancellation]
In light of the tragic sinking of a ferry off the coast of Jindo, the "Simply K-Pop in Shanghai" airing scheduled for April 18th has been canceled. Our thoughts are with those who were lost in this unthinkable tragedy, their families, and all those affected.
Simply K-Pop Ep 109 Line-up
I Need A Girl
Only Look At Me

TAEYANG got his break in K-Pop with a music video role in 2001 for a senior artist group called Jinusean.

His rise to stardom began in 2006 as a member of Big Bang.
In 2010, TAEYANG released his 1st full-length solo album, "Solar."

"I Need A Girl" is the main track on his "Solar" album and it describes a version of the perfect girl.

TAEYANG's solo career began in 2008 with the mini-album, "Hot."
"Only Look At Me" is the main track on that album.
This song is about a selfish guy hoping his girlfriend stays devoted & true to him although he may not be able to do the same for her.

"RINGA LINGA" is TAEYANG's single that came out in Nov. 2013.
"RINGA LINGA" is a hip-hop song interlaced with powerful rap & an addictive melody line that highlights TAEYANG's sultry vocals.

Crazy (Feat. Jjun)

KAN MI YOUN debuted as a member of Baby V.O.X in 1997.
She started working solo in 2006.

"Paparazzi" is the main track of her 2011mini-album, "Watch."
The lyrics are about a guy who has stolen your attention.

"Crazy" was first released as a single in 2010, before it came out as a track on the "Watch" album.
This song is about a woman whose love grows into an unhealthy, crazy obsession.

Block B
Very Good
Be the Light

Block B debuted in 2011 with the single, "Do U Wanna B?"
They released their 3rd single, "Very Good," in October 2013.

"Very Good" is the title track of Block B's Oct. 2013 album.
It's an upbeat song portraying Block B's addictive, energetic style.

"Be the Light" is a track from Block B's October 2013 album.
This song is about a love that is just beyond your reach.

Intro + 2MYX

A-JAX is a 7-member group that debuted in June 2012.
Since then, they've shown various concepts for each new album.

"2MYX" is a pop-dance track from their Nov. 2012 album and
it's a candid song styled as a letter "To My Ex-Girlfriend (2MYX)."

"Insane" is a track from A-JAX's July 2013 album and it's about the feelings of a guy who is falling head-over-heels for one woman.

No No No No No

C-REAL made their debut with the mini-album, "Round 1," in Nov. 2011. The group's name is short for "Complete Real."

"No No No No No" is from their Nov. 2011 album. It's about being unable to break up with a boyfriend who continuously disappoints you.
"JOMA JOMA" is the title track of C-REAL's 2nd mini-album, which was released in March 2012.

"JOMA JOMA," which means "feel nervous" in Korean, is a song about waiting in anticipation for the love that is your destiny.

Way To Your Heart
Just Cry

Jjun debuted in June 2012 with the single, "Just Cry."
His 2nd single, titled "Jubilate," came out in October 2013.

The title track, "Way To Your Heart," is about falling hard for a woman.
It's a throwback to the style of U.S. pop music from the 1990s.

"Just Cry" is the title track of his June 2012 single.
It's about the painful memories that linger after a break-up.

Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Park Jeong-woo
- Kim Hyun-young
- Kim Jae-hee
Assistant Director
- Lee Eun-Ji
- Yang Young-mi
- Ryu Kyung-hwa
English Writer
- Lee Na-ri
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