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World Ch. Schedule : Friday 1:00PM(KST)

Date : 2014-09-26

Simply K-Pop Ep 130 Line-up

I Don't Want You

T-ARA debuted in 2009. After devoting some time to individual musical and acting projects, they're back as one with "And&End."

The song "I Don't Want You" is an urban folk song with a vintage scratch sample and bandoneon theme.

The song reflects a girl's frustration at not being able to read the thoughts of the guy she likes.

Sugar Free

The title track "Sugar Free" is a stylish, trendy song about feeling empty without love, like a sugar-free soda.

The performance has a fantastic choreography in T-ARA's trademark style, to match their unique brand of music.

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My Turn

Gilme was the only female member of the hip-hop team Clover, which debuted in 2011 with powerful rapping and vocals.

She has come back with her second full album, 4 years and 2 months after "Love Actually" in July 2010.

"My Turn" has an exciting beat and an addictive chorus that shows off both Gilme's fantastic singing and rapping skills.

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Monday Blues

Sunny Hill, who debuted in 2007, are back with their first full album "Part.A Sunny Blues," containing their trademark style and sound.

Their title track "Monday Blues" is a song that everyone can relate to, about the struggles of getting through Mondays.

It's a fun song that tells you to try to have fun on Mondays,even if all you can think about is Friday and the weekend.

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Up & Down

EXID debuted in 2012. After a year and 10 months away, they're finally back with their new single "Up & Down."

"Up & Down" is marked with a strong saxophone line and easy hook.
Member LE helped to write the music and lyrics for the song.

The song is about a girl who's frustrated with a guy that seems to pull her heart up and down, with nothing for certain.

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Give Your Luv

SPICA debuted in January 2012. Now, they've produced their first unit group SPICA.S, which is special in every way.

"Give Your Luv" is a song about the changes in emotion that people feel towards the end of a relationship.

The lyrics are aimed at a guy who won't break up with his girlfriend, but shows through his hollow words that he's fallen out of love.

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7-member BTS, who debuted in 2013, is back 14 months after their debut with their first full album "Dark & Wild."

The title track "Danger" is a hybrid hip-hop song with a hip-hop groove and punk rock guitar.

In the song, a guy warns his girlfriend not to play games with his heart.

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YU Seung Woo
I Wanna Love

Yu Seung Woo, who debuted through an audition program in May 2013, is out with his first full self-titled album.

The title track "I Wanna Love" is a song reflecting Yu Seung Woo's personal feelings about love.

The lyrics are about being shocked and lonely at seeing everyone, young and old, pairing up on the streets on Christmas Day.

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Oh My Gosh!

9-member boy group AlphaBAT debuted in November 2013.
Now, they're back with their 2nd album "ANSWER."

"Oh My Gosh!" is an upbeat, cute song from the perspective of a guy who's confessed his love, and is waiting for an answer.

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Lip Service
Too Fancy

Unique girl group Lip Service, who debuted in February 2014, have come back with their new member Anna and upgraded music.

Their title track "Too Fancy" is a fun, witty song that satirizes the materialism of modern society.

It is a hip-hop song infused with electronic elements, refreshed with a stylish rhythm.

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Pit a Pat

The six girls of LABOUM made their debut in August 2014, sweetening our year with their first album "Petit Macaron."

The title track "Pit a Pat" is an energetic dance track about finally meeting your very first love.

It has a catchy, funky melody that is easy on the ears, creating a familiar, yet new and fresh experience.


HIGH4 made a successful debut in April 2014 through collaborations with IU and Lim Kim. Now, they've released their first mini-album.

The title track "Headache" is an urban retro funk song about a guy's complicated feelings for his seemingly perfect girl.

But Go

A.KOR debuted in 2014. They performed first with a 3-member unit and pre-released music before debuting with five members.

The title track "But Go" features sexy, strong vocals and a powerful and charismatic rap.

It is a warning message to a lying, cheating boyfriend, with lyrics about the pain felt by girls who have been betrayed.

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Staff and Cast
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- Park Jeong-woo
- Kim Hyun-young
- Kim Jae-hee
Assistant Director
- Lee Jae-Sun
- Yang Young-mi
- Ryu Kyung-hwa
English Writer
- Pia Won
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