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FRI, 2015-07-31 KST

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Simply K-Pop Ep174

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:00 KST

Simply K-Pop Ep 174 Line-up

BEAST has been capturing the hearts of the ladies since their debut in 2009. They're back with their 8th mini-album, "Ordinary."

The title song "YeY" is an electronic pop dance song with intense synth sounds and beat.
The lyrics are about guys betrayed by love and it will provide a bit of catharsis for people struggling with love.

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INFINITE - Love Letter

INFINITE made their debut in 2010 and returned to the industry with the 5th mini-album, "Reality," displaying their genuine personalities.

"Love Letter" with beautiful, jazzy piano combined with the members' mellow vocals is the only ballad on the album.

With its sophisticated harmonic progression, the song depicts a man confessing his true feelings to his lover, as if writing a love letter.


The title song "Bad" has a combination of a sumptuous sound and an EDM beat that highlights INFINITE's signature performance style.

It centers on a man who cannot let go of a woman he loves even though he knows she'll hurt him eventually.

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Apink - Remember

Apink has been loved for their innocent qualities since debuting in 2011.
They returned with their 2nd full-length album, "Pink MEMORY."

The title song "Remember" is a dance track with a perfect combination of an upbeat rhythm and a vintage sound.

The lyrics are about a girl reminiscing about the memories of her ex as well as the promises they made together on hot summer nights.

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9MUSES - Hurt Locker

9MUSES who debuted in 2010, returned to the K-pop scene for the first time in summer with their special summer album.

The title song "Hurt Locker" is a European-style dance song about a woman who becomes spiteful after being hurt by a bad boy.

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HELLOVENUS first graced the K-pop scene in 2012. They're back with the 5th mini-album, "I'm ill," displaying their seductive beauty.

The title track "I'm ill" is an exciting dance song with an intense electronic sound and hip hop elements.

With the blunt lyrics, "I'm ill," this song is about a woman with high self-esteem.

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Stellar - Vibrato

Four-member girl group Stellar entered the K-pop scene in 2011.
They're back with the 6th single album, "Vibrato."

The title song "Vibrato" is a nu-wave disco song featuring a funky guitar riff and refined synth sounds.

The lyrics are about a cool, attractive girl whose heart vibrates like crazy once she falls in love.

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KIM SO JUNG burst onto the K-pop industry in 2012.
She's back with the album, "DANCE MUSIC," after a long break.

The title song "DANCE MUSIC" is a rhythmical disco track that encourages everyone to have fun with dance music.

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NC.A - Vanilla Shake

NC.A has been known for her bubbly traits since her debut in 2013.
She's matured into a lady for her 8th single album, "Vanilla Shake."

The title song "Vanilla Shake" is a pop dance number comprised of vintage brass, hip hop-style drumming and an addictive chorus.

It's about a girl wanting to win over someone in a sweet way like a vanilla shake in the hot summer.

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GFRIEND - Me gustas tu

GFRIEND made their debut with "Glass Bead" in January this year.
They returned with the 2nd mini-album, "FLOWER BUD."

The title track "Me gustas tu" is an upbeat dance song with funky synth, energetic guitar and moog bass sounds.

The title means "I like you" in Spanish, and the lyrics describe girls confessing their feelings to their male crushes.

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MINX - Love Shake

MINX, who debuted in 2014, made a comeback with the mini-album, "Love Shake," wowing everyone with their upgraded cuteness.

The title song "Love Shake" features sugary sweet vocals and lyrics as well as a melody that will have you moving.

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Seven-member group SONAMOO made their big debut in December 2014.
They're back with the 2nd mini-album, "CUSHION."

The title song "CUSHION" is a refreshing hip hop track with elements of rock and electronic music.

Comparing a girl's lover to a soft, fluffy cushion, this song mischievously depicts sweet feelings of being in love.

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Z.HERA burst onto the K-pop scene in 2013. She made her comeback with the 2nd mini-album, "XOX," looking ever so mature.

The title song "XOX" is a danceable track with a funky beat and catchy brass sounds combined with Z.HERA's polished vocals.

The title symbolizes the singer's dislike of ordinary and boring guys as well as the mischievous facial expression XOX.

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Staff and Cast
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- Song Ji-hyun
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