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SUN, 2016-08-28 KST

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Simply K-Pop Ep229

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:00 KST

Simply K-Pop Ep 229 Line-up
VIXX – Fantasy

Continuously loved for their unique and vivid colors, VIXX returned with "Hades", the second part of their "VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION" trilogy.

With Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" woven in and out, "Fantasy" has a dark and heavy melody and is about 6 men who hunger for love.

Block B
I.O.I – Whatta Man

After officially debuting last May, I.O.I returned as a 7-member unit group with their single album "Whatta Man".

"Whatta Man" is a song with refreshing hip-hop beats and an addictive chorus that matches well with the powerful dance performance.

Jun Hyo Seong
9MUSES A – Lip 2 Lip

Loved as a group that shows brilliance at all times, 9MUSES unveiled their first unit group 9MUSES A with 4 members.

"Lip 2 Lip" is a refreshing dance song that contains the new EDM genre of Melbourn Bounce, adding onto the colorful vocals of the members.

LABOUM – Oops!

Beloved for their refreshing and lively charms, LABOUM unveiled their 1st mini-album "LOVE SIGN", adding onto the bubbliness.

An electronic pop song with a bit of retro sounds, "Oops!" is about a silly and unique girl who wants to be loved for who she is.

LABOUM – Shooting Love

Cheery and bright as ever, "Shooting Love" is about a girl who wants her feelings to be known by shooting arrows of love into that person's heart.

Boys Republic

With the addition of Yoo Yeon-jung, WJSN returned as 13 members with their 2nd mini-album "THE SECRET".

An electro trap song set at 160 BPM, "BeBe" is about the overflowing confidence and honest feelings of girls in love.

WJSN – Secret

Beginning with a music box tinkle and leading into a variety of different sounds, "Secret" expresses the shy feelings of a girl who has fallen in love.

Sleepy – So What

Actively promoting on variety programs, Sleepy returned to the music scene with his 3rd digital single "So What".

With funky beats, "So What" is about a frustrated man who doesn't understand the feelings of his irritated girlfriend.

24K – Still 24K

Receiving much love and popularity abroad, the 7-member boy group 24K made a comeback after 10 months.

As a high quality EDM pop-styled song, "Still 24K" leaves a strong impression with a unique humming chorus and a repetitive hook.


With a new member, Gavy NJ put down their balllad group image for a quick second and made a comeback with a dance song for the first time.

A song that was created with many music experts, "SHUBIRUBIRUB" has an addictive chorus and cute dance moves.

MASC – I can't breathe

With the members uniquely experienced in different areas, the new rookie group, MASC, finally made their debut with their 1st mini-album "Strange".

"I cant' breathe" is an exciting and fun song with a strong guitar riff with house and trap beats exquisitely mixed in.

MASC – Strange

"Strange" carries strong drum riffs and a bluesy guitar performance that is made whole with MASC's clean cut and in-sync choreography.

RionFive (with Cupid) – Woman of beach

Following their March promotions, RionFive came back with a remake of one of Korea's most popular summer songs, "Woman of beach".

Originally sung by COOL, "Women of beach" was reborn with an even more exciting and bright atmosphere with RionFive and Cupid's voices.

MATILDA – Summer Again

Debuted in March with "Macarena", MATILDA returned for the summer with their digital single "Summer Again".

Carrying a refreshing and cool rhythm, "Summer Again" is a song about the wait after seeing a lover go.

Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Summer Jung
Producer & Director
- Song Ji-hyun
Floor Director & Director
- Lee Jae-seon
Assistant Director
- Jung Joo-hye
- Seo Ji-won
- Yang Young-mi
- Kim Un-suk
- Kwon So-jin
English Writer
- Grace Hong
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