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Program : Simply K-Pop Ep.313

Simply K-Pop Ep.313

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST

Simply K-Pop Ep. 313
LUNA - Night Reminiscin'

Active as an f(x) member, soloist, soundtrack artist, musical actress, and more, Luna is a talented artist who continues to challenge herself in various genres.

An acoustic duet song that wakes up sentimental emotions, "Night Reminiscin'" is about the feelings felt when a certain person continues to come to mind.

LUNA - Falling Out

"Falling Out" is a ballad song about the moments of conflicts that appear when a heartbreaking romance begins without realization.

LUNA - Free Somebody

Of the electronic pop dance genre with future house sounds melted in, "Free Somebody" is about helping one freely unfold the dreams of his heart.

simply K-POP
APRIL - The Blue Bird

Receiving much love for their refreshing image since their 2015 debut, APRIL is a 6-member group that continues to musically grow with sophisticated emotions.

The title song "The Blue Bird" describes the feeling of having a crush and the longing to become that person's blue bird.

APRIL - April Story

Standing up for those in pain due to love, "April Story" is a beautiful love song about the pure and innocent feelings of a one-sided crush that anyone can relate to.


Included in APRIL's 5th mini-album, "BEEP" is a song that draws out a realistic relationship between two people.

simply K-POP
THE BOYZ - Giddy Up

Being spotlighted with a prince charming concept, the 12-member boy group THE BOYZ made a comeback with their 2nd mini-album "THE START."

As a refreshing dance song of the funky pop genre, "Giddy Up" has a modernized melody with lyrics filled with passion to keep on going.

THE BOYZ - Text Me Back

As an electronic dance number with a base of nu-disco, "Text Me Back" is about a boy who nervously waits for a reply after confessing his feelings.

simply K-POP
Dreamcatcher - Fly High

Dreamcatcher is a 7-member group that plans to show their unexpected charms with stories about dreams through seven different nightmares.

With a powerful piano and guitar sound, "Fly high" draws out an inescapable nightmare, going deeper into Dreamcatcher's unique story.

Dreamcatcher - Chase Me

With rock sounds and an addicting chorus, "Chase Me" creates the image of a dreamcatcher, ready to chase bad dreams away.

simply K-POP
Samuel – Sixteen

After showing his great dance skills and cute looks on an audition program, Samuel attempted a transformation into a man with overflowing charisma.

As the debut title song, "Sixteen" was inspired by Samuel's actual age of sixteen and has a kind of innocent pureness.

Samuel – One

As a dance song of the electro house genre, "ONE" is about wanting to become the only one in each other's lives.

simply K-POP
BASICK – Betterdays

After winning a popular hip-hop audition program, BASICK continues to build his own music world with elegant rapping and heartfelt lyrics.

With "family" as the main theme, "Betterdays" is a song about BASICK's honest feelings of being a father and watching his son grow up.

BASICK – Stand Up

As a song dedicated to all the young people, "Stand Up" is about BASICK's personal journey and holds the message of continuing to chase after dreams.

simply K-POP
Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Yoon Hye-young
Producer & Director
- Kim Hyun-young
Floor Director
& Director
- Lee Eun-ji
Assistant Directors
- Jeong Da-win
- Lee Min-ju
- Lee Jin-ha
English Writer
- Grace Hong
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