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TUE, 2015-07-07 KST

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Simply K-Pop Ep170

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:00 KST

Date : 2015-07-03

Simply K-Pop Ep 170 Line-up

Quartet SISTAR graced the K-pop industry in 2010 and turned into irresistible, lovely femme fatales for their 3rd mini-album, "SHAKE IT."

The title song "SHAKE IT" has an intense brass loop as well as funky and exciting guitar and drum sounds.

It's a perfect summer song with a catchy hook, refreshing vocals and a funky beat that will make you want to dance.

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Kim Tae-woo - Lonely Funk

Kim Tae-woo made his debut as a member of "god" in 1999.
He's back with the 3rd full-length album, "T-ROAD."

The title song "Lonely Funk" has a funky sound created by an upbeat guitar rhythm and a refreshing brass sound.

The addictive chorus and exciting rhythm perfectly suit the season, and Kim Tae-woo tells everyone to enjoy their lives.

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TEEN TOP - ah-ah

TEEN TOP made several transformations since their debut in 2010.
They're back with the 6th mini-album, "NATURAL BORN TEEN TOP."

The title track "ah-ah" is a dance song with a refined drum beat, attention-grabbing arrangement and emotional vocals.

The lyrics sensually depict a guy who wants to stay with his girl from the morning until the following morning.

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AOA - Heart Attack

AOA made their debut in 2012 and returned to the arms of their fans with the 3rd mini-album, "Heart Attack."

The title song "Heart Attack" is a fun, refreshing summer track with a catchy melody and addictive chorus.

The witty lyrics describe what it's like to fall in love at first sight.

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BTS debuted in 2013 and came back with "DOPE" featured on their 3rd mini-album, "In the Mood for Love Part1."

"DOPE" is an intense electro hip hop song with saxophone creating the main theme.

The lyrics depict the members' effort to make good music, even when others are having fun and partying.

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NS Yoon-G - Honey Summer

NS Yoon-G, who has shown a strong presence as a sexy diva since 2009, is back with the new digital single, "Honey Summer." 

The title song "Honey Summer" is an upbeat dance track with cool brass sounds combined with a retro funky guitar riff.

The title is a combination of the words "honey" and "summer," meaning that it's wonderful to spend this hot summer with her lover.

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MAMAMOO - Um Oh Ah Yeah

MAMAMOO appeared in the K-pop industry in 2014.
They're back with the 2nd mini-album, "Pink Funky."

The title track "Um Oh Ah Yeah" is a funky R&B dance song that highlights the group's youthful energy and powerful vocals.

It is an exciting song that tells a fun story in a witty way, and the shocking twist in the lyrics stands out.

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SLEEPY (Feat. Min Jae of SONAMOO) - Cool Night

SLEEPY debuted as a member of "Untouchable" in 2008.
He's back with the album, "Cool Night," to blast the heat away.

The title song "Cool Night" has a blend of electric piano and synth bass sounds, combined with a hip hop beat.

The lyrics about a couple enjoying a beautiful cool night together, and the sensuous vocals and rap will tug at your heartstrings.

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SPEED - What U

SPEED debuted in 2013. They returned to the arms of their fans after a year with a new member and the 3rd mini-album in June.

The title song "What U" with powerful electronic guitar sounds is about a man trying to promote his attractive qualities to his crush.

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Hong Dae Kwang - With you

Hong Dae Kwang debuted in 2013 and released his 3rd mini-album that perfectly displays his distinct musicality.

The title song "With you" is a sweet medium-tempo number about the loneliness a man in love feels when he's at home alone.

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Kim Feel - Stay With Me

Kim Feel impressed everyone with his unique, husky voice since 2011.
He returned to the industry with his 1st mini-album, "Feel Free."

The title song "Stay With Me" is a chic, original folk rock number.

The lyrics are about a man and a woman just about to feel the romantic spark in their relationship.

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ANDA - Touch

ANDA, who made her debut in 2012, is back with her 4th single album, "Touch," impressing everyone with her charms in June.

The title track "Touch" features a rhythmical, intense hip hop beat, a dominant synth sound and unique choreography.

The lyrics are about a girl telling everyone to forget their woes and just have fun.

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A.KOR's hip hop sub-unit A.KOR BLACK graced the K-pop scene with the 1st single album, "HOW WE DO."

The title song "How We Do" features a refined pop melody and a simple yet powerful hip hop beat.

With their flawless rapping and singing skills, the duo warn their exes that they will never go back to them.

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Staff and Cast
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- Summer Jung
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- Kim Hyun-young
- Song Ji-hyun
Floor Director
- Lee Jae-seon
Assistant Director
- Lee Jae-seon
- Hong Yeon-hee
- Baek Yu-min
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- Kim Un-suk
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