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THU, 2015-09-03 KST

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Simply K-Pop Ep179

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:00 KST

Simply K-Pop Ep 179 Line-up
Girls’ Generation - Lion Heart

Positioned at the top and loved around the world since 2007,Girls’ Generation returned with their 5th full-length album, “Lion Heart.”

Carrying the retro style of the 60s in the U.S, "Lion Heart" compares men to lions, whose hearts the girls want to tame.

Girls’ Generation - Lion Heart
Hyun A - Run & Run

Debuted with 4minute in 2009, Hyun A has returned as a soloist with her 4th mini-album “A+.”

As the album’s intro, “Run & Run” is a comfortable hip-hop songwith hopeful lyrics that Hyun A wrote herself.

The song describes the steps she took in the pastand the future she must keep running towards.

Hyun A (Feat. Hyo Jong) - Roll Deep

“Roll Deep” has simple, yet powerful bass and modern sounds that match well with Hyun A’s voice and the current trends.

The song’s strengths are the lyrics that explain how people always work hard to strive for their dreams.

Hyun A
VIXX LR - Beautiful Liar

Loved for their distinctive concepts since 2012, VIXX’s first unit group, VIXX LR released their first self-composed mini-album “Beautiful Liar.”

With emotional piano and rock elements, “Beautiful Liar” is about a manhiding his true feelings behind a mask for the best farewell for his lover.

Kim Hyung Jun - Cross the line (Feat. Ha Yeong of PLAYBACK)

After debuting in 2005, Kim Hyung Jun made his grand return after about two years with his new digital single, “Cross the line.”

The song is about a man who wants to step over the ambiguous stage that comes right before making a relationship official.

Kim Hyung Jun - Cross the line (Feat. Ha Yeong of PLAYBACK)
Stephanie - Prisoner

Having debuted in 2005, Stephanie has broken her 3-year hiatus with an upgraded image with her latest single, "Prisoner."

"Prisoner" is an upbeat and modern song with a retro-pop style, mixed with a K-Pop melody.

In the song, a woman goes through inner struggles, worried about crossing the line while falling in love with a man she shouldn't be falling for.

JUNIEL - Sorry

Having received love since 2012 for her gentle voice, JUNIEL unveiled her 2nd digital single, "Sorry."

A calm and emotional ballad, "Sorry" shares a woman's sorrowful feelings of not being able to let go of a past lover.

The song compares love to bubbles that fade away in moments.

SONAMOO - Round N Round

Leaving a strong impression with their debut in December of 2014, SONAMOO is now promoting their 2nd mini-album “CUSHION.”

The song “Round N Round” is of the funk, disco, and EDM genre, telling everyone to just let go and have fun without overthinking.

SONAMOO - Round N Round
GFRIEND - Me gustas tu

GFRIEND made their debut with “Glass Bead” in January this year. They returned with the 2nd mini-album, “FLOWER BUD,” in July.

The title track “Me gustas tu” is an upbeat dance song with funky synth, energetic guitar and moog bass sounds.

The title means “I like you” in Spanish, and the lyrics describe girls confessing their feelings to their male crushes.

GFRIEND - Me gustas tu
JJCC (Feat. Pinnacle) - Where you at

After debuting in 2014 and receiving the spotlight as Jackie Chan’s boys, JJCC has returned with two new members and their 2nd mini-album.

The new title song “Where you at” captures JJCC’s unique dynamic rap and vocal skills while overflowing with new power and charisma.

The song explains a situation when a lover had lied to spend time with another person.

JJCC (Feat. Pinnacle) - Where you at
The Legend - SHADOW

As the five-member group with a powerful image since 2014, The Legend has returned with the new digital single “SHADOW.”

“SHADOW” is a powerful song with Lito’s participation in the lyric-writing process.

The song is about a man wanting to become the shadow of the one he loves to make her into his girl.

The Legend - SHADOW
April - Dream Candy

Hoping to be the most lovable girls in August of 2015, April took their first steps with the debut mini-album “Dreaming.”

Unveiling itself with fairy tale vibes, “Dream Candy” is about innocent girls who hope to travel the world in search of their dreams.

April - Dream Candy

First appeared in 2015, hoping to get acknowledged for their talents,PLAYBACK returned with their 2nd single album “I Wonder.”

“I Wonder” is about a man and a woman with similar dating experiences, who wonder if a good person is closer than they think.

Nop.K - Queen Cobra

Having gathered interest with his prestigious educational background, the talented rapper Nop.K has returned with a new digital single.

“Queen Cobra” contains the sounds of unique instruments of the Middle East.

The song compares people dancing in a packed club to the movements of a cobra.

Nop.K - Queen Cobra
Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Summer Jung
Producer & Director
- Song Ji-hyun
- Park Hee-ju
Floor Director
- Lee Jae-seon
Assistant Director
- Lee Jae-seon
- Hong Yeon-hee
- Baek Yu-min
- Yang Young-mi
- Kim Un-suk
- Ryu Kyung-hwa
English Writer
- Hera Yoon
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