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Simply K-Pop Ep 135 Line-up

Don't Touch Me

Ailee debuted in 2012 with a powerful voice and performance.
She's back this year with her third mini-album "Magazine."

The title track "Don't Touch Me" is a Brit pop rock song.
It has a piano loop and a low drum beat, which highlights the strength of Ailee's voice. The lyrics are about a bold girl who dusts herself off after being betrayed in love.

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6-member idol group VIXX debuted in 2012 with "SUPER HERO."
Now, they've released their second mini-album "Error."

The title track "Error" has a repeating piano pattern, an esclating beat, and a sad string melody.

The song tells the story of a man who turns into a cyborg to protect himself from heartbreak, but continues to love.

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Six-member idol group Boyfriend debuted in 2011. Four months after "Obsession," they're back with their third mini-album.

The title track "Witch" is themed around the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood," and has a majestic, rhythmical melody.

It is about a guy who falls in love with a dangerous girl,even though he knows she's no good.

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Song Ji Eun

Song Ji Eun debuted with girl group Secret in 2009. This October, she has come out with another solo album.

The title track "Twenty-Five" has an upbeat melody and seductive lyrics about twenty-five, the most beautiful age.

It is a song that is customized for Song Ji Eun, who has turned twenty-five herself this year.

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Roy Kim

Roy Kim debuted in 2013 as the winner of "Superstar K 4."
He's back after a year with another fantastic new album.

The title track "Home" is a folk song that urges us to return home, to the things and people that are always waiting for us.

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I think I'm in love

Juniel, who debuted in 2012, has returned a year and five months after her third mini-album, lovelier than ever.

Her title track "I Think I'm in Love" is about a girl who's just starting out in new love.

The trendy lyrics and refreshing melodies are a perfect match for Juniel's crisp, pure voice.

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Five-member idol group LEGEND debuted in July 2014.
They're back with their first mini-album "Lost."

The title track "Lost" is a rock-based song with a stylish melody and deep emotional lyrics dedicated to a past love.

In the song, a man remembers the time he spent with his love and wishes that he could turn back time.

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In October 2014, seven free boys who know how to play debuted together in the new boy group Mad Town.

Their title track "YOLO" is an abbreviation for the trendy phrase "you only live once."

The song has repeating lyrics and themes that are interpreted by each member in their unique style and personality.

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The band TOXIC brought shock waves to K-pop in October 2012.
They are back this year with their third mini-album "TIME."

The title track "DEJA VU" has a chic melody and repetitive guitar riff.
It combines TOXIC's unique sound with a trendy melody.

In the song, a guy sees a girl for the first time, but she seems strangely familiar, as if he's experiencing deja vu.

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Phone In Love

"K-pop Star 3" star duo Almeng debuted in October 2014.
Their first mini-album is called "compoSing of Love."

Their semi-hip-hop title track "Phone in Love" is about the dependence of modern love on cell phones.

It's about wanting to find true love in the real world, away from the virtual world created by phones.

Bernard Park
Before The Rain

Bernard Park, the winner of "K-pop Star 3," has made his debut this October with his first mini-album "I'm..."

The title track is a serene ballad called "Before the Rain," and Bernard Park's voice flows softly between the beats.

The lyrics are dedicated to someone who has always been by your side, through all of your darkest times.


Fun-loving girl group Lipservice debuted in February 2014.
This season, they're back with the sweet hip-hop song "Puppy Love."

In "Puppy Love," Lipservice sings a catchy melody dotted with sweet harmonies among the three members.

The lyrics are about how we all become a bit childish when we're in true love.

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1,2,3 (One, Two, Three)

The three-member girl group Purfles debuted in October 2014.
Their name means that they'll decorate K-pop with great music.

The title track "1, 2, 3" starts with a strong melody, and continues with lots of fresh sounds.

It's a song about heartbreak, but with a twist. The girl in the song is scolding her friend, who can't get over her ex.

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Staff and Cast
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- Kim Jae-hee
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- Yang Young-mi
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