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World Ch. Schedule : Friday 1:00PM(KST)

Date : 2014-08-29

Simply K-Pop Ep 126 Line-up


In 2013, Ladies' Code became the newest girl group to watch. This year, they're back with the funky song "KISS KISS."

"KISS KISS" has a funky, catchy melody with adorable choreography,and bold yet charming lyrics about a girl's first kiss.



The twin duo Tasty debuted in 2012. Ahead of their Chinese debut, they've released their new digital single "Addiction."

"Addiction" is an urban R&B track that's very different from Tasty's usual powerful dance songs.

It's about a guy who is so in love that he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his girl by his side.


Boys Republic
Dress Up

In June 2013, Boys Republic debuted with the song "Party Rock."
This year, they're back as boys who know nothing but their girl.

The title track "Dress Up" is about a guy who's eager to show off his pretty girlfriend. The stylish beat makes the song catchy and addictive.


Royal Pirates
Love Toxic

Three-member band Royal Pirates, who debuted in 2013, is back with an album that shows off each member's charms.

Their title track "Love Toxic" is an experiment in a new genre.
Its seductive lyrics urge a girl to let herself fall in love.


Up & Down

EXID debuted in 2012. After a year and 10 months away, they're finally back with their new single "Up & Down."

"Up & Down" is marked with a strong saxophone line and easy hook.
Member LE helped to write the music and lyrics for the song.

The song is about a girl who's frustrated with a guy that seems to pull her heart up and down, with nothing for certain.


DalAh (Sugary)

Male duo GB9, known for their eye-catching appearance and vocals, released the mini-album "DalAh (Sugary)" a year after their debut.

The title track "DalAh (Sugary)" is an R&B song as sweet as its title, matching GB9's passionate voices and lyrics to a Motown rhythm.


Say Yes
Get Out

Talented boy band Say Yes, who debuted in July 2013, came back in June with their new 2nd album "Get Out."

The title track "Get Out" is an addictive song that was written by the members themselves.

It's a song about a guy who is going crazy because he can't get the girl he likes out of his head.


Hate You!

Delight debuted in April, 2013 and they've come back with their single album "Hate You!" in July.

The title track "Hate You!" is an upbeat EDM song with 2 contrasting messages.

On the one hand, the singer is pleading with a guy not to leave; on the other, she is criticizing him for not knowing how great she is.

Lip Service
Too Fancy!

Unique girl group Lip Service, who debuted in February 2014, have come back with their new member Anna and upgraded music.

Their title track "Too Fancy" is a fun, witty song that satirizes the materialism of modern society.

It is a hip-hop song infused with electronic elements,refreshed with a stylish rhythm.

Red Velvet

4-member girl group Red Velvet debuted in August 2014, bringing out music as seductive as the color red and feminine as velvet.

Their debut track "Happiness" is an urban Europop song with a strong synth sound and an African tribal beat.

The lyrics are filled with positive energy, telling us to love ourselves and enjoy the small happy moments we find throughout life.

Park Boram

Park Boram debuted in August 2014 with upgraded looks and talent, four years after "Superstar K 2."

"Beautiful" is a medium-tempo song with a hip-hop rhythm under an addictive melody and a retro piano line.

The song is based on Park Boram's personal experiences,and expresses a girl's sincere desire to become more beautiful.

BingBingBing (One Way)

In March 2014, action star Jackie Chan's first K-pop project JJCC made their debut. They're back 5 months after their first single.

Their title track "BingBingBing (One Way) is an electronic dance song with a strong beat and emotioal melody.

It mixes together a variety of genres into one track.


B.I.G, or "Boys in Groove," debuted in July 2014.
Their name means that they are always drunk on music.

Their title track "Hello" shows off the best things about Korea, from Korean food to Korean cars.

It's an addictive song with a strong beat, and introduces listeners to the members' individuals charms and voices.

Song Haye
My First

Audition program breakout Song Haye has made her official debut in August 2014 with her first solo song.

Her cute title track "My First" is about a girl who can't bring herself to tell the guy how she feels about him.

Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Park Jeong-woo
- Kim Hyun-young
- Kim Jae-hee
Assistant Director
- Lee Jae-Sun
- Yang Young-mi
- Ryu Kyung-hwa
English Writer
- Pia Won
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