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Program : Simply K-Pop Ep.262

Simply K-Pop Ep.262

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:05 (Korea 17:05) KST

Simply K-Pop Ep 262 Line-up
EXID – Night Rather Than Day
As Sol-ji rests for her health, EXID returned as four, carrying new charms with their 3rd mini-album “Eclipse.” Showing EXID’s never-before-seen colors, “Night Rather Than Day” is a slow, yet exciting song that carries refreshing feelings, despite its low tones.
simply K-POP
TEEN TOP – Love is
Starting anew with five members, TEEN TOP started a new chapter with their 2nd full-length album “HIGH FIVE.” As a pop dance genre song, “Love is” is about a man who is saying goodbye to a pretentious woman even though he loves her.
simply K-POP
Holding onto his unique colors, but also finding what the public wants, Junggigo unveiled his 1st full-length album, “ACROSS THE UNIVERSE.” Made more romantic with Junggigo’s voice, “ACROSS THE UNIVERSE” is about an early morning walk with a lover after a rainfall.
simply K-POP
LABOUM – The light
Receiving attention from dramas to advertisements, LABOUM returned with their 2nd mini-album “MISS THIS KISS” with a bright song for spring. With leader Yu-jeong participating in the lyric and songwriting process,"The light” includes a sweet melody, witty lyrics, and LABOUM’s sincerity.
simply K-POP
LABOUM – Hwi hwi
The title song, “Hwi hwi” describes an electrifying kiss with a lover in a bold and daring way as sounds of whistles are heard throughout the song.
simply K-POP
OH MY GIRL – Coloring Book
Beloved for their unique charms and perfect performances, OH MY GIRL made a comeback with their 4th mini-album, “COLORING BOOK.” With a changing melody and addictive lyrics, “Coloring Book” is about a girl in love who describes her feelings with a coloring book that fills with color.
simply K-POP
SF9 – Easy Love
Spotlighted for the masculinity and power in “ROAR,” SF9 made a comeback with their 2nd mini-album, “Breaking Sensation.”Easy to sing along with a dynamic chorus, “Easy Love” describes the painful feelings that rise up, following a breakup.
simply K-POP
Bringing “prismatic” and “elastin” together to become great stars with their unique charms, the 10-member girl group PRISTIN debuted. As PRISTIN’s debut song, “WEE WOO” is a very bright pop song with strong beats that show PRISTIN’s overflowing energy and charms.
simply K-POP
SNUPER – Back:Hug
Returning after an active promotion period abroad, SNUPER made a comeback with their 4th mini-album “I Wanna?” after five months. Set in a dreamy atmosphere, “Back:Hug” describes the feelings of love that can be felt without any kind of explanation.
simply K-POP
Dreamcatcher – GOOD NIGHT
Showing seven different types of nightmares, Dreamcatcher returned with their unique concept through their 2nd single album, “Fall asleep in the mirror.” Continuing their debut concept, “GOOD NIGHT” is of the Young Metal genre with a heavy sound and lyrics that carry out Dreamcatcher’s fantasy story.
simply K-POP
Cheon Dan Bi – Lieland in the Springtime
After standing as a backup singer on cable audition programs for a long time, Cheon Dan Bi was finally acknowledged for her talents, officially making her debut. “Lieland in the Springtime” is a sorrowful ballad song about realizing the sad honesty about love.
simply K-POP
MOMOLAND – Wonderful love
Debuted in November of 2016 with “JJan! Koong! Kwang!,” MOMOLAND returned, complete as 9, with their 1st digital single, “Wonderful love.” Full of MOMOLAND’s loveliness and popping personalities, “Wonderful love” is about the shy feelings of a girl in love.
simply K-POP
Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Summer Jung
Producer & Director
- Kim Hyun-young
- Park Sang-hyun
Floor Director & Director
- Lee Jae-seon
Assistant Director
- Jung Joo-hye
- Suh Ji-won
- Yang Young-mi
- Kim Un-suk
- Kwon So-jin
English Writer
- Grace Hong
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