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World Ch. Schedule : Friday 1:00PM(KST)

Simply K-Pop Ep 122 Line-up


7-member boy group Infinite, who debuted in 2010, has come back with their 2nd repackaged album, 2 months after their 2nd album in May.

Their title track "Back" is an orchestra pop song that starts as a ballad, then moves into a dynamic groove centered on the orchestra.

The lyrics plead with a lost love to come back, and not abandon her past to memory.



Five-member idol group B1A4 debuted in 2011. Their fifth mini-album is about how the group is journeying in search of their dreams.

The title track "SOLO DAY" has an easy melody and a trendy beat, topped off with the members' stylish voices.

The lyrics are filled with refreshing encouragement for everyone who is single in today's world.


Girl's Day

After heating up early 2014 with "Something," Girl's Day is back to cool down our summer with the song "Darling."

"Darling" has a refreshing brass session and a fun shuffle rhythm that will get you dancing in no time.

The girls' pure voices sing about a love that appears suddenly on a summer day, and will bring a smile to your lips.


HyoMin (Feat. SungMin Of SPEED)
Nice Body

Hyomin debuted in 2009 with T-ara. Now, she's become the second member of her group to go solo with a whole new image.

Her title song "Nice Body" is a slow hip-hop song with groovy organ sounds, and the lyrics are about a girl who wants to look her best for her guy.

For her performance, she is joined onstage by SungMin of SPEED, giving fans a peek into her potential for collaborations.


Short Hair

Girl group AOA debuted in 2012. They're back five months after "Miniskirt" with their first mini-album "Short Hair."

"Short Hair" is a groovy pop track with funky brass and guitar sounds.

The lyrics are direct and honest, talking about what girls are thinking when they change their hair to reflect a change of heart.


Good Bye Bye

5-member group NU'EST, who debuted in 2012, has released their first full album 2 years after their debut.

The title track "Good Bye Bye" has a dreamlike mood and prose-like lyrics that have a distinct NU'EST style.

The song expresses the maturity of a man learning to say good-bye, and represents NU'EST's desire for a new chapter in music.



The seven men of GOT7 splashed onto the music scene in January 2014, and they've come back with their second mini-album "GOT♡."

The up-tempo title track "A" layers a hip-hop rhythm under basic R&B harmonies. The music is bright and energetic.

The title "A" is a pun on a Korean word used to tease someone who's obviously in love, and can't help but show it.


Mr. Ambiguous (Remix ver)

The four girls of 2014 rookie group MAMAMOO say that their baby-like name represents their hope of creating instinctively charming music.

Their title track "Mr. Ambiguous" throws the spotlight on MAMAMOO's bluesy, soulful voices, which combine into a powerful ensemble.

It's a funky song with lyrics singing about being frustrated with a guy's confusing, teasing behavior.


Play The Siren
Dream Drive

Play the Siren, who debuted in July 2014, is a group of rappers who can pull off hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music.
Their title track "Dream Drive" is a song that combines a pop melody with an addictive EDM Sound for a refreshing feel.

The lyrics are about closing your eyes for five minutes and leaving on the perfect imaginary trip.


I will love you

Ballad singer B'BROWN debuted in 2010. After a 4-year break, he's back with his second mini-album "I Will Love You."

The title track "I Will Love You" is a ballad about a man's sad love. It has an addictive melody and highly emotional lyrics.

The song is made complete with B'BROWN's romantic, yearning voice.


BIGFLO is a five-member boy group that debuted in June 2014.
The members write, compose, arrange, and produce all their songs.

Their debut song "Delilah" is a song with a big orchestra and strong guitar sounds, and is BIGFLO's first step to the top.

The members are expressed through fun lyrics like "neighborhood kid" and "Hong Gil-dong," showing off the group's personality.


Last year, singer Heyne made her mark with "LOVE007."
This summer, she's back with her third digital single, "Red Lie."

"Red Lie" is a song that contrasts a sad piano melody with Heyne's unique, cute voice.

It's a dance song about a girl who has been hurt and betrayed by a love stained with lies.

Back To The Future

3-member hip-hop group Airplane debuted in 2013.
Now, they're back with their 4th single album "Back to the Future."

"Back to the Future" has rock and big beat sounds, mixed together with new jack swing.

In the song, they say that their pure passion for music will never change, no matter how the world may change.

Hate You!

Delight debuted in April with four members. Their member Soo A was replaced with Jae Won and Su Min, making them 5 members.

The title track "Hate You!" is an upbeat EDM song with two contrasting messages.

On the one hand, the singer is pleading with a guy not to leave; on the other, she is criticizing him for not knowing how great she is.

Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Park Jeong-woo
- Kim Hyun-young
- Kim Jae-hee
Assistant Director
- Lee Jae-Sun
- Yang Young-mi
- Ryu Kyung-hwa
English Writer
- Pia Won
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