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WED, 2014-10-22  KST

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World Ch. Schedule : Friday 13:00(KST)

Date : 2014-10-17

Simply K-Pop Ep 133 Line-up

Roy Kim

Roy Kim debuted in 2013 as the winner of "Superstar K 4."
He's back after a year with another fantastic new album.

The title track "Home" is a folk song that urges us to return home, to the things and people that are always waiting for us.

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Teen Top debuted in 2010, and gained many fans for their fun performances. This year, they're back with a more mature image.

The title track "Missing" is a groovy R&B dance song about a guy who can't accept a breakup, and waits for his girl to come back.

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I think I'm in love

Juniel, who debuted in 2012, has returned a year and five months after her third mini-album, lovelier than ever.

Her title track "I Think I'm in Love" is about a girl who's just starting out in new love.
The trendy lyrics and refreshing melodies are a perfect match for Juniel's crisp, pure voice.

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You are so fly

Seven-member boy group BTOB first appeared in 2012.
Now, they're back for your heart with their fifth mini-album "Move."

The title track "You Are So Fly" is a song that shows off BTOB's playful charms, and is a serenade from a guy who's struck by love.

It has a powerful beat and simple melody line that will make your heart pound, as if you've fallen in love at first sight.

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YU Seung Woo
Lose the Night  

Yu Seung Woo, who debuted through an audition program in May 2013, is out with his first full self-titled album.

The track "Lose to Night" is an acoustic song with lyrics open to interpretation.

Depending on the listener, it can be a heartbreak song, or a song about having a rough time at work.

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In October 2014, seven free boys who know how to play debuted together in the new boy group Mad Town.

Their title track "YOLO" is an abbreviation for the trendy phrase "you only live once."

The song has repeating lyrics and themes that are interpreted by each member in their unique style and personality.

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But Go

A.KOR debuted in 2014. They performed first with a 3-member unit and pre-released music before debuting with five members.

The title track "But Go" features sexy, strong vocals and a powerful and charismatic rap.

It is a warning message to a lying, cheating boyfriend, with lyrics about the pain felt by girls who have been betrayed.

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Nam Young Joo

Nam Young Joo became the first singer in "K-pop Star Season 3" Top 10 to debut. She is the muse of CNBLUE's Lee Jong-hyun.

The title track "Tenderhearted" is a medium-tempo pop song that Lee Jong-hyun wrote specially for Nam Young Joo.

The lyrics are about a girl who wants to love, but avoids love because she is afraid of getting hurt.
The song follows how a tenderhearted girl grows and changes after experiencing the pain of heartbreak.

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Go Crazy

Four-member boy group ZPZG made their debut in September 2014, finally showing off their hard-trained talents on the stage.

Their title track "Go Crazy" is about a guy who thought that love was just a game, until he meets a girl who drives him crazy.

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Lee Ye Joon (Feat. Sung Jun Of Boys Republic)
I can't

Lee Ye Joon, the winner of "Voice of Korea Season 2," has returned with her first mini-album "Farewell. The End."

The title track "I Can't" is a pop track about a girl who knows that goodbye is coming, but can't make herself say the words.

The sad melody and lyrics make the track perfect for autumn.
The rap is created and performed by Sung Jun of Boys Republic.


The six girls of LABOUM made their debut in August 2014,
sweetening our year with their first album "Petit Macaron."
The title track "Pit a Pat" is an energetic dance track about finally meeting your very first love.

It has a catchy, funky melody that is easy on the ears, creating a familiar, yet new and fresh experience.

I wish

Vocal trio GAVY NJ debuted in 2005. This October, they've returned with their sixth full album part 2, "She."

The title track "I Wish" begins with a murmuring introduction, then moves into a dynamic, powerful melody.

The song is about a girl who has to hide her feelings, while wishing she could win the heart of the man she loves.

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The band TOXIC brought shock waves to K-pop in October 2012.
They are back this year with their third mini-album "TIME."

The title track "Deja Vu" has a chic melody and repetitive guitar riff.
It combines TOXIC's unique sound with a trendy melody.

In the song, a guy sees a girl for the first time, but she seems strangely familiar, as if he's experiencing deja vu.

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Staff and Cast
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- Park Jeong-woo
- Kim Hyun-young
- Kim Jae-hee
Assistant Director
- Lee Jae-Sun
- Yang Young-mi
- Ryu Kyung-hwa
English Writer
- Pia Won
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