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WED, 2015-11-25 KST

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Simply K-Pop Ep190

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:00 KST

Date : 2015-11-20

Simply K-Pop Ep 190 Line-up
KIM DONG WAN - PIECE (Feat. Cjamm)

Debuted with Shinhwa in 1998, KIM DONG WAN made a grand return as a soloist after 7 years with his 1st mini-album "D," named after his first initial.

"PIECE" flawlessly mixes Cjamm's rhythmical rapping and KIM DONG WAN's clear voice together, creating a bright and hope-filled song.

The lyrics paint an optimistic picture, saying that the world shines when all the beautiful pieces of life come together.

KIM DONG WAN - PIECE (Feat. Cjamm)
Homme - Ain't no love

Formed in 2010, the emotional duo, Homme, released a new digital single, "Ain't no love," following their special single album in October.

The title song, "Ain't no love," is a retro Britpop ballad song that tells the heartbreakingly painful story of being unable to forget an old lover.

Homme - Ain't no love
B.A.P - Young, Wild & Free

Clearly portraying B.A.P's strong points, the title song, "Young, Wild & Free," carries a fierce and wild chorus that's hard to find in the general music scene.

With the perfect balance of vocals and rap, B.A.P shares about their experiences with the wandering life and friendship of the youth.

B.A.P - Take You There

Ending a hiatus of a year and nine month, B.A.P, who debuted in 2012, finally made a comeback with their 4th mini-album, "MATRIX."

As a B-track in the album, "Take You There" is a trendy, electronic dance song that has an emotional acoustic sound flawlessly mixed in.

B.A.P - Young, Wild & Free
VIXX - Chained Up

Debuted in 2012, VIXX returned with their 2nd album, "Chained Up," carrying much pride and strength in the unique concept that only they can pull off.

"Chained Up" is full of deep, low beats, drawing out an image of a strong man, who becomes tamed and even enslaved when in love.

VIXX - Chained Up

After shining their faces in April of 2015, the rookie girl group, OH MY GIRL made a magical comeback with their 2nd mini-album "CLOSER."

With a dreamy atmosphere, "CLOSER" showcases the members' diverse voices and expresses an innocent girl's earnest feelings towards someone.

HIGH4 - D.O.A.

Following a 5-month hiatus after their 2014 debut, the 4-member group, HIGH4 returned as tough men with the 5th mini-album "D.O.A."

Unlike the strong melody of the club hip-hop song, "D.O.A." deals with the struggles of being unable to forget a lover after a breakup.

HIGH4 - D.O.A.

Debuted in 2014, the 7-membered hip-hop rebel group, MADTOWN, returned with their 1st digital single, "OMGT."

An acronym for "Oh My God Thanks," "OMGT" is an addictive song about a man who thanks God for letting him meet the most perfect girl.


After a strong debut in May, super rookies, MONSTA X returned even stronger with their 2nd mini-album "RUSH."

The new rearranged version of the follow up song, "HERO," includes an upgraded choreography with added sexiness.

The song speaks of a man, who promises to be a hero and protect his girl from other men.


Debuted in October of 2015, the 9-member girl group TWICE hopes to impress once with good music and once with great performances.

As a 'Color Pop' dance song with a mix of genres, "Like OOH-AHH" is about a woman who overflows with confidence wherever she goes.

Big Brain - Welcome

Making their debut in October 2015, the 4-member vocal group, Big Brain, unveiled their 1st single, "Billionaire Sound."

The title song, "Welcome," is about an honest man, who wishes his ex-lover will never have another beautiful relationship with another.

Big Brain - Welcome
Romeo - TARGET

After releasing their 1st mini-album, "The Romeo," in May 2015, the rookie group Romeo dropped their 2nd mini-album, "Zero in."

Decorated with a powerful choreography, the title song, "TARGET" is about a boy doing everything he can to not lose his dream girl.

Romeo - TARGET
Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Summer Jung
Producer & Director
- Song Ji-hyun
- Park Hee-ju
- Lee Jae-seon
Floor Director
- Lee Jae-seon
Assistant Director
- Jung Joo-hye
- Seo Ji-won
- Yang Young-mi
- Kim Un-suk
- Ryu Kyung-hwa
English Writer
- Grace Hong
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