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MON, 2016-06-27 KST

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Simply K-Pop Ep220

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:00 KST

Simply K-Pop Ep 220 Line-up
U-KISS – Stalker

Always showing something new to the public, U-KISS returned more mature and masculine after a year and 5 months hiatus with "STALKER."

With a tense mood and the whispers of the members, "Stalker" is about the intense feelings one has towards someone he loves.

Block B
Double S 301 – AH-HA

Returning after a 4-month hiatus, Double S 301 dropped their special album "ESTRENO", meaning 'debut' in time for their 11th anniversary.

As a punk pop song, "AH-HA" is an addicting song about a man being very straightforward with his feelings after falling in love with a girl at first sight.

Jun Hyo Seong

Coming back with diverse feelings and colors that fit the album title, EXID dropped their 1st full-length album "Street."

"L.I.E" is about the change of emotions, such as suspicion, sadness, hate, annoyance, and anger, that happens after a man lies.


With each member receiving love for their unique charms, FIESTAR gathered together to release their new digital single "APPLE PIE."

With strong modern sounds and addictive melody, "APPLE PIE" is about a woman taking her time to seduce a guy, like a slowly baking apple pie.

Boys Republic

Attracting much attention a year after their debut, OH MY GIRL returned with a unique concept for their repackaged album "WINDY DAY."

Showcasing a charming harmony with OH MY GIRL's unique voices, "WINDY DAY" compares the complicated emotions of love to the wind.

MONSTA X – All in

Kicking off their 2.5-part project "THE CLAN", MONSTA X returned with their 3rd mini-album "THE CLAN pt.1 'LOST'."

Carrying a romantic melody with strong punchlines and straightforward lyrics, "All in" is a song about boldly expressing the method on how to love.

CLC – No Oh Oh

With the addition of two new members, Elkie and Eunbin, CLC made a comeback with their 4th mini-album "NU.CLEAR."

Carrying CLC's bright energy, "No Oh Oh" is a song about girls who look mature but are still clumsy when it comes to love.


Continuing to knock on the doors of K-pop, KNK returned with their 1st mini-album "AWAKE."

Beginning with a piano melody, "BACK AGAIN" is strong yet smooth dance song that grows in volume, mixing well with the members' perfect harmony.

HEYNE – Love Cells

Beloved since 2013 for her strong vocals despite her small figure, HEYNE unveiled her newest release "Love Cells."

With 90s hip-hop beats mixed in the melody, "Love Cells" is about the surprising and nervous feelings of experience love for the first time.


Always ready to grow and improve, B.I.G returned fiercer than ever with their 1st mini-album "APHRODITE."

Holding a mix of strong beats that strike the heart, "APHRODITE" is about the chase for a woman, who is as beautiful as a goddess.

I.C.E - Arisong

Debuted in 2015 with the single album "Over U", the girl group I.C.E returned with their 1st mini-album.

Containing the EDM sound as well as I.C.E's colors, "Arisong" is an easy song to listen to and sing along to.

AFOS – Turn it up

After 3 years of preparations in songwriting and choreography, the new group AFOS made their debut with "Young Boyz".

Just like the album title "Young Boyz", "Turn it up" is a song with rough but honest lyrics that think outside of the box.

VARIOUS – I only want you

With each member carrying a lovely style, the new 5-member girl group VARIOUS debuted with their 1st single album.

A title and debut song, "I only want you" is of the pop-dance genre with refreshing sounds that highlight VARIOUS' unique voices and charms.

Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Summer Jung
Producer & Director
- Song Ji-hyun
Floor Director & Director
- Lee Jae-seon
Assistant Director
- Jung Joo-hye
- Seo Ji-won
- Yang Young-mi
- Kim Un-suk
- Kwon So-jin
English Writer
- Grace Hong
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