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FRI, 2014-12-19  KST

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Han Myung-ok, an artistic director of the National Gugak Center Ep146

World Ch. Schedule : Tuesday 09:00 KST

Date : 2014-12-16

Han Myung-ok, an artistic director of the National Gugak Center

As one of the artistic directors at the National Gugak Center, Han Myung-ok is dedicated to promoting and preserving traditional Korean music and dance. She has been nurturing her gift in dancing for the past 50 years ever since she began learning traditional Korean dance at the age of 5. She specialized in Korean dance at Ewha Womans University and continued her studies at the graduate school of New York University. She presented the beauty and excellence of Korean dance in one of the world's cultural and artistic centers and received rave reviews in the New York Times.

Director Han has been taking a multi-directional approach to study dance and present it to the public through creative contents that are easy to comprehend. She has not only won a number of awards in recognition of her talent and contribution to Korean dance, but she has also served as a compass, guiding hundreds of junior dancers along the way.

Join us on The INNERview this week to meet Han Myung-ok, and hear her explain the different elements of traditional Korean dance as well as her life as a dancer, trainer and artist director.

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Staff and Cast
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