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SUN, 2016-07-31 KST

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Kenneth Bae Ep217

World Ch. Schedule : TUE 08:00 KST

Kenneth Bae, a Korean American missionary who was detained in North Korea for 735 days

Kenneth Bae, a Korean American missionary, has been the "longest-held U.S. citizen in North Korea since the Korean War."

He had been running a successful North Korea tour business when an inadvertent mistake cost him his freedom. After being arrested by the North Korean authorities in November 2012, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison on charges of "attempting to overthrow the North Korean government," and was sent to a "reform-through-labor" camp.

In addition to the efforts made by the U.S. government, people around the world joined a movement to request amnesty for Kenneth Bae. Opportunities for his early release had fallen through three times before he was able to finally return home into the arms of his family.

He recently published a book, "Not Forgotten," based on his experiences in North Korea as well as the letters he had received from strangers who gave him hope in his darkest times.

Join us on "The Innerview" this week to meet Kenneth Bae and hear his inspirational tale of holding on to hope despite the fear of being forgotten.

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Staff and Cast
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- Summer Jung
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- Kim Oe-sik
- Kim Hyun-young
- Kwon Wi-na
- Kim Ji-hyun
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- Jeon Young-shin
- Lee Hyun-sook
- Ga-eun Pyo
- Park Tae-young
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- Kaylin Ro
- Pae Su Jung
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