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TUE, 2015-05-05 KST

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Lee Sang-min, a member of the 19th National Assembly who shows nothing is impossible Ep153

World Ch. Schedule : TUE 07:00 KST

Lee Sang-min, a member of the 19th National Assembly who shows nothing is impossible

Lee Sang-min, a member of the National Assembly, strove harder than anyone to make sure that he'd become self-reliant, without succumbing to the limitations caused by the permanent physical disability resulting from poliomyelitis that he suffered at 6 months of age. After passing the national judicial examination, he gained fame in Daejeon and Chungcheongnam-do Province as a tax lawyer. Then, in 2004, he was elected as a National Assemblyman, and he played a major role in the judicial reform in 2007 and in having the Special Act on the Refundment, etc. of School Site Acquisition Charges passed with retroactive application.

He is currently the Chairman of the Legislation and Judiciary Committee (LJC), which is responsible for reviewing pending bills and resolutions before they are considered by the National Assembly. One of his main objectives as the Chairman of LJC is military law reformation, and to amend and improve the Welfare of Disabled Persons Act to better assist people with disabilities.

During the interview, he not only voiced his opinions as a politician, but also didn't hesitate to share the stories of his life as a son, husband and father. He also invited us to spend a day with him, and we got to take a glimpse into his daily life, characterized by a frenetic pace and thorough time management. By spending time with the National Assemblyman, we were able to understand how he was able to get to where he is today, and we invite you along to hear his incredible story on this week's The INNERview.


Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
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- Summer Jung
- Park Hyung-sil
- Shin Yoon-ho
- Kim Go-eun
Assistant Director
- Kim Cha-lung
- Kim Bo-young
- Lee Hye-seon
- Shin Hee-hwa
English Writer
- Ro Kaylin
- Kang Ye-na
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