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Clara-Jumi KANG, a promising young violinist

We met with a young, celebrated violinist by the name of Clara-Jumi KANG at the Kumho Art Hall, where she was scheduled to hold a recital. Her performances were brilliant, and her maturity and poise shown during the interview were impressive.

As the daughter of the opera singers KANG Byung-woon and HAN Min-hee, Clara-Jumi KANG was in an environment where she could naturally hone her craft in music. She first picked up a violin at the age of 2, and entered the State University for Music and Performing Arts in Mannheim at the age of 4. She was gradually stepping closer to her dream of becoming a professional violinist until she injured her pinky finger in her early teens, leaving her no choice but to stop playing the violin for three and a half years. But instead of giving up, she decided to pursue her passion and concentrated on her rehabilitation. In 2004, she came to the motherland to enroll in Korea National University of Arts and she has been unleashing her potential ever since. She won multiple competitions including the 2009 Seoul International Music Competition, 2010 Sendai International Music Competition and 2010 International Violin Competition of Indianapolis, which is one of the world's three biggest violin competitions. After gaining fame through the major international violin competitions, she began holding solo recitals and collaborating with prestigious orchestras around the world.

Clara-Jumi KANG has studied under the tutelage of 7 world-renowned violin masters, and she hopes to pass on her knowledge and expertise to other aspiring violinists. During the interview, she also explained in detail of the differences between the 1725 Guarneri del Gesu ex-Moller, which she is currently using, and the ex-Gingold Stradivari, which she had a chance to borrow as a prize for winning the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis. She also shared the various experiences she has had including how she was admitted into the State University for Music and Performing Arts in Mannheim and she even gave a beautiful singing performance of Amazing Grace. So, tune into The INNERview to meet this brilliant young musician!

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Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Park Jeong-woo
- Jeon Haeng-jin
- Park Sang-hyun
- Kim Go-eun
Assistant Director
- Kim Cha-lung
- Kim Bo-young
- Lee Na-ra
English Writer
- Ro Kaylin
- Jennifer Clyde
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