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World Ch. Schedule : Tuesday 09:00 KST

Date : 2014-10-28

Kim Hai-yung, a humanitarian aid worker

Kim Hai-yung suffered a spinal cord injury at the hands of her own father when she was just 3 days old. The impairment was permanent and she stopped growing after reaching a height of 134cm. At the age of 13, feeling she could no longer endure the physical and emotional abuse at home, she went out the door and never looked back. She quit school to work as a domestic worker, and later, she went to a vocational training school to learn mechanical knitting.

A statement in a book that read, "Go where you are needed," spoke to her heart, and almost instantly, she decided to pack up her bags and go to Africa. And in a place, where she went to offer her help, she was the one who gained a healing experience. Africa was the first place where she was told that she was beautiful and was viewed without prejudice or pity. After providing to knitting training to young girls in Botswana for 14 years, she felt the need to educate herself to become a better qualified humanitarian worker and contribute to the promotion of human welfare. So, before she turned 40, she flew to New York and began a new life there.

She completed her post-secondary education in just 7 years, after obtaining her master's at Columbia University. She says she couldn't have done it without the financial assistance and emotional support from several Korean Americans, who were practically strangers. Now, she is back in Africa to assist people in low socioeconomic classes and people with disabilities in Kenya.

Meet Kim Hai-yung, the humanitarian worker who spent nearly half of her life in Africa, helping others in need and practicing selfless acts of love and kindness, on The INNERview!

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Staff and Cast
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