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MON, 2014-11-24  KST

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Kim Seung-won, the first international makeup artist from Asia Ep142

World Ch. Schedule : Tuesday 09:00 KST

Date : 2014-11-18

Kim Seung-won, the first international makeup artist from Asia

Kim Seung-won is a makeup artist whose tips and tricks are sought after by numerous women around the world, especially in Asia. This may be hard to believe, but the renowned makeup artist actually majored in animal husbandry in college. While working at a chemical company after graduation, he became determined to find a profession that he himself could enjoy and appreciate. After contemplating for 6 months, he finally discovered makeup artistry.

He immediately signed up for a makeup program that lasted for 6 months, but the problem was that the classes on beauty makeup lasted only 3 days. After completing the program, he was asked to do the makeup for an announcer at a TV station. Things went terribly wrong, and he was never given the opportunity to work on another announcer's face afterwards. So, he practiced day and night using his own thighs and face as the canvas and developed his skills as a true artist.

Years later, he was invited to put on a makeup demonstration in Taiwan by a major cosmetics company. It became a huge success, boosting the sales volume by five-old, and he became the first Asian ever to gain the title, "international makeup artist." Kim Seung-won has since become one of the most prominent makeup artists in the industry who is loved by celebrities and makes frequent appearances on beauty programs on TV. Join us on The INNERview to meet Kim Seung-won and get his beauty tips!

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Staff and Cast
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