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Kim Byoung-jin Ep.235

World Ch. Schedule : TUE 08:00 KST

Michelin stars shed light on Hansik - Executive Chef Kim Byoung-jin of a Hansik restaurant

The Michelin Guide has been a guidebook for gastronomic restaurants for over a century, and having your name or your restaurant's name on this guide signifies global recognition as it awards stars for excellence to a selected few establishments.

The Michelin Guide Seoul 2017 has recently announced some excellent restaurants and hotels, and the restaurants La Yeon and Gaon were awarded three stars.
What's similar about the two restaurants is that they serve traditional Hansik, Korean cuisine, which foreign visitors can enjoy.

Gaon is a restaurant which isn't that well-known amongst the public.
The INNERview sits down with Gaon's executive chef Kim Byoung-jin to learn about his principles, his life, and his desire to globalize Hansik.

He dabbled in Chinese and western cuisine, and has been a Korean cuisine chef for 13 years. He concentrates on using seasonal vegetables and in re-creating the natural environment of the ingredients.

"The essence of Hansik is to show the native flavor of Korean ingredients, and to draw out the multiple flavors hidden within them."

Learn about the honor of a Michelin three-starred restaurant and hear his expectation on globalizing Hansik. Enjoy learning more about chef Kim Byoung-jin and his love for Hansik as well as his principles on The INNERview.

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Staff and Cast
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- Kim Oe-sik
- Kim Hyun-young
- Kwon Wi-na
- Kim Ji-hyun
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- Jeon Young-shin
- Lee Hyun-sook
- Han Song-yi
- Park Tae-young
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- Yuhn Cecilia
- Park Sung-hee
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