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World Ch. Schedule : Tuesday 09:00 KST

Date : 2014-10-21

Yoo Ji-sung, the first adventure runner in Korea

There is a man who says he discovers genuine happiness and the true meaning of life whenever he is running alone in the wild, and it's none other than Yoo Ji-sung, who has been competing in adventure and trail races around the world for the past 14 years.

Yoo Ji-sung first began adventure running in 2002 in the Sahara. Since then, he has raced in 26 competitions taking place in various harsh environments such as deserts, jungles and the Antarctica and completed 24 of these races. He is noted as the first person in the world to achieve 4 Deserts Grand Slam twice. So, how did he begin this sport, which was an unexplored field at the time among Koreans? While working in Libya 14 years prior, he saw a desert race being aired on TV, and he thought it'd be a great challenge for him to tackle. So, he began training for adventure running and a few years later, he found himself running across an endless stretch of sand dunes.

He says that although he began this sport in search of his own happiness, he now wants to share his experience with others so that they, too, can discover the true joy and meaning of life. He then explained that it is an exhilarating experience to push your limits in extreme environments and it will help you gain confidence to overcome various challenges that life throws at you.

Get ready to learn more about Yoo Ji-sung, who calls himself the "son of the deserts," and find out about adventure and trail running on The INNERview.

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Staff and Cast
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- Park Sang-hyun
- Kim Go-eun
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- Kim Bo-young
- Lee Na-ra
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- Ro Kaylin
- Jennifer Clyde
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