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World Ch. Schedule : Tuesday 9:00AM(KST)

Date : 2014-07-22

Susan Lee MacDonald's final episode on The INNERview

The production crew of The INNERview took the filming equipment outside the studio to capture the host Susan Lee MacDonald meeting some of the most fascinating people on location! For the past 2 years, we have met with a number of people at the top of their respective fields at home and abroad.

The INNERview isn't an ordinary talk show that takes place inside a studio; the host Susan Lee MacDonald have met with numerous guests at locations where they work their magic to discuss the various aspects of their lives from their passion and vocation to their childhood memories and current projects. Since the first episode, which aired on March 6, 2012, Susan has brought fun, candid interviews, helping the guests become more honest and open with her warm, pleasant personality. Unfortunately, this episode marks her departure from the show.

For the farewell episode, she and the production crew decided to revisit some of the most memorable episodes with guests who left a strong impression with their wits, stories and charm. As you can probably imagine, it was quite a mind-boggling process for Susan and her team, trying to choose just several guests out of more than 120 guests! But the feat was finally accomplished and we have a special episode filled with the greatest moments that happened on the show, in store for you!

Be sure to join us on The INNERview to check out some of the behind-the-scene stories that have never been unveiled before and hear them from Susan's point-of-view! Can you guess who will be featured in the special episode this week? Tune into find out if you are right!

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Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Park Jeong-woo
- Jeon Haeng-jin
- Park Sang-hyun
- Kim Go-eun
Assistant Director
- Kim Cha-lung
- Kim Bo-young
- Lee Na-ra
English Writer
- Ro Kaylin
- Susan Lee MacDonald
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