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What's on This Week

Past Program

Pusan University of Foreign Studies

The only university in Korea with language departments in Myanmar, Arabic, and Portuguese, the Pusan University of Foreign Studies is the next stop in our search for the best campus couple. Turkish, Uzbek, and French students couple up with Korean partners to throw their hats in the competition.

EPISODE 1: "I came to learn Korean" says three foreign students of PUFS.

Able to speak 14 languages, blue-eyed French Misany challenges himself to learn Korean!
Alisher from Uzbekistan who came to love Korea for its baseball, large supermarkets, and the ocean!
Pelin, a senior majoring in Korean language and literature, eager to learn more about Korea, Turkey's brother country!
Different nationalities and different lives, but their paths have conveged in Korea.
Show hosts Kim Bum-soo and Kim Suh-jin visit the Pusan University of Foreign Studies to find these three foreign students and explore the university's famed baseball team with 30-year history.

EPISODE 2: Matching foreign costumes and broadcasting in 40 languages ?Which campus couple will complete these world travel missions?

A talent show featuring the flair of PUFS students! A student performs Indonesian traditional dance to pair up with a foreign partner and a girl is crowned the dancing queen with her rendition of the "Shy Boy" dance. But only three teams make it to the finals! They compete in a speed quiz with trivia questions about foreign cultures, "One-minute keyword speech" in which they make one-minute presentations on the marketing strategy for selling Korean products in their partners' home countries, and lastly the "world travel"-themed campus race to suit the characteristics of PUFS. The couples must complete various missions in the race, such as dressing up in a foreign costume and picking out the right photo of cultural relics from that country, matching up the language heard on satellite broadcast with the flag of that country, and writing in a foreign language just by looking up the words in the dictionary.

Who will be crowned the best campus couple after the world travel game at PUFS?
Find out in the upcoming episode of <Hand in Hand ?Campus>.

Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kim Hyung-gon
- Kwon Tae-chul
- Jeong Tae-gyeong
- Park Yun-soon
- Lee Jeong-hoon
- Lee Du-hwan
- Choi Young-il
Assistant Directors
- Oh Tae-gi
- Lee Jong-ae
- Hwang Ji-hye
- Song Na-rae
- Jeong Hyeong-sun
- Noh Min-ok
- Choi Hyang-mi
- Park Ji-eun
- Kim Hye-won
English Editors
- Jiah Kim
- Gu In-hee
Provided by
- Bigfish Media
- Vitamin TV Pro
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