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Program : About Contenders

About Contenders

Past Program

  Program Introduction

Contenders is a new program that will be broadcast in 2011 at Arirang TV.

We are looking for contenders who are ambitious to make a mark in major domestic and/or foreign corporations. This program will break the traditional method of hiring and focus more on the performance of the contenders rather than their resumes and qualifications.

A total of 8 contenders will compete during the course of 4 weeks through a process of elimination in a reality tv show style. The contenders will have to demonstrate proficiency not only in trivia and task management but also display character.

The goal of this program is to find a well-rounded individual through this 3-dimensional "interview" process.
You could be the next corporate rising star on Contenders!


Contenders : 8 people

Program Contents: One corporation will participate for 4 weeks
.1 week - Quiz Survival
.2 week - Team Survival
.3 week - Work Mission Survival
.4 week - The Last Survival

Final Winner : Permanent employment with the participating corporation

Broadcast Date : Beginning of March

* Note : We will be selecting contenders every 4 weeks for different corporations. (Sponsoring corporation will change every 4 weeks.)


[Participating corporations on Contenders]

Contenders is a reality TV program that helps select and hire employees for corporations. Different corporations will participate each month and one employee will be selected per month.

The participating corporations are as follows:

March: LG Household and Heath Care
April: GM Korea Company
May: Arirang TV

More corporations will be added at a later date.
We welcome all applicants and viewers to Contenders!




Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast

Executive Producer
- Kim Oe-sik
- Kim Joong-shik
- Jeon Haeng-jin
- Lee Hyun-ah
Assistant Director
- Na Nu-ri
Outsourcing Directors 
- Kim Seon-suk
- Choi Eun-hee
Outsourcing Assistant Director
- Lee Ji-sun
- Song Hwa
- Lee Soo-ah
- Sim Sung-hee
- Song Yoo-young
- Kim Mi-ra
English Writer
- Lee Na-ri
- Kim Min-jung
- PJ Rogers
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