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Heaven's Fate
About Heaven's Fate
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Program : About Heaven''s Fate

About Heaven''s Fate

Past Program

Am I destined to have this fate for a lifetime?
Whether I choose to or not, I have become the person that I am due to a certain calling and the people that surround my life. The word "fate" explains it all.
I have tried to escape from this fate and realized that it is my destiny.
Will my thoughts change if I had known who bestowed such fate upon me? It's the toughest challenge for me to accept.
Through this drama series, one can realize the true meaning of fate and the extremes that one will go to overcome predestined life.
Youn Cho-won (University Student)
Played by Lee Da-hye
Raised in an ordinary family, she grows up to be a beautiful woman but faces trials that lead her to realize her fate in life.
Kim Moo-bin (Computer Mechanic)
Played by Kim Sung-Min
Moo-bin first encounters Cho-won while repairing her computer at home and begins to grow affection toward her. But love doesn't seem to come easily for them as he strives to help Cho-won overcome her destined fate.
Pan Jung-soo (Professor)
Played by Lee Joo-hyun
A proud son who experiences life's obstacles for his mom's expectations exceed his abilities. He tries to meet them but faces difficulty.. 
Moon Mi-young (Marketer)
Played by Park Tam-hee
High-spirited and outgoing personality leads her to enjoy life's perks. She's a successful marketer yet seeks cruel love.
Bu Yong-hwa (Shaman)
Played by Kim Hye-sun
A beautiful lady who accepts her fate to be a shaman for a living but still strives to live an ordinary life like others.
Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Min Yong-eung
- Lee Kyu-yun
English Edition Director
- Lee Young-cheol
English Edition Assistant Director
- Lee Hee-in
English Editor
- Kim Ko-eun
- Kim ji-ah
English Translator
- ArirangTV Media
Directed by
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