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World Ch. Schedule : Monday 9:00AM(KST)

Date : 2014-07-21

Innovations in International Publishing
- Chi Youngsuk, President of the International Publishers Association, Chairman of Elsevier

In 2010, Chi Youngsuk became the first Asian to be elected president of the International Publishers Association. Unsurprisingly, he's a respected leader in the international knowledge industry.

Chi Youngsuk followed his diplomat father to the United States when he was a child. While at Princeton, he met Bronson Ingram, the American businessman and billionaire who turned his life around. He is currently the chairman of Elsevier, one of the top three publishers of science journals.
Elsevier is a publishing company with 430 years of tradition. It is the world's largest publisher of medical, scientific and engineering texts. Working with research institutes, it publishes about 2000 journals and books, including the prestigious 'Lancet' and 'Cell'.

Chi Youngsuk takes hundreds of flights in the course of a year to ensure the future of the international publishing industry in a fast changing world.
This week on [Heart to Heart], we meet President Chi Youngsuk about the secret to his success on the world stage.

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Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
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- Park Jeong-woo
- Yoon Hye-young
- Park Chang-hoon
- Lee Ru-bi
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- Shin Hyun-jung
- Park So-young
- Lee Hye-seon
English Writer
- O Jah-hyun
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