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World Ch. Schedule : Monday 9:00AM(KST)

Date : 2014-09-22

National Development through ICT
 - Dr. Hyeun-suk Rhee, Director of UN APCICT

Information and communication technology, called ICT, is being applied to increasing diverse areas, including environmental studies, education and the medical field. But with only 30% of the world having access to the internet, there is an information gap determined by income and education levels as well as gender.

The United Nation's Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development, APCICT, was established in 2006 to reduce the information gap in developing nations. Working with regional UN offices across the world, APCICT provides training services so more countries can use ICT to develop their human and institutional capacities.

Dr. Rhee Hyeun-suk is the organization's inaugural director. She worked as an ICT expert in North America, Africa and Asia before she was chosen to lead APCICT. She firmly believes that IT can help countries achieve their goals, and she's using her experience to help them. Meet her on this week's [Heart to Heart].

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