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World Ch. Schedule : Monday 9:00AM(KST)

Date : 2014-09-01

Art and Human Rights: the Beautiful Collaboration of 'Secret Action'
- Hareem, musician and cultural planner

Singer-songwriter Hareem debuted in 2001. Since then, his unique melodies have gained a cult following for their use of traditional instruments from around the world and their attention to natural harmony.

As the founder of an artistic community called 'Atelier O,' Hareem is not only a musician but also a cultural events planner. He regularly plans, produces and carries out a wide variety of campaigns. His past efforts include the 'Doha Project,' 'Guitars for Africa' and the 'Gypsy's Table.'

This year, Hareem has come into the spotlight for his human rights projects. 'Secret Action' uses songs, poems, pictures and other artworks to send out a message of hope to all the people whose rights are being violated.

Hareem is a free spirit who travels the globe and communicates through art.
This week on [Heart to Heart], we talk to Hareem about the link between art and activism in 'Secret Project.'

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Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Park Jeong-woo
- Yoon Hye-young
- Park Chang-hoon
- Lee Ru-bi
Assistant Director
- Shin Hyun-jung
- Park So-young
- Lee Hye-seon
English Writer
- O Jah-hyun
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