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THU, 2014-11-27  KST

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Korean Studies, the Bridge between Korea and the World - Lee Hai-young , Professor Ep143

World Ch. Schedule : Monday 09:00 KST

Date : 2014-11-24

Korean Studies, the Bridge between Korea and the World
- Lee Hai-young , Professor in the Department of Korean Studies at Ewha Womans University

Hallyu, also known to many as the Korean wave, has spread across the globe through Korea's TV series and popular music, known as K-pop. As Korean cultural contents gain popularity, the nation of Korea itself is garnering widespread global attention. In fact, an increasing number of foreigners is going beyond Hallyu and taking an academic approach in their interest in Korea, delving into Korean studies including the study on language, history, culture, and society of Korea. According to the "Global Hallyu Data" report released by the Korea Foundation in 2013, there are 987 hallyu-related fan clubs worldwide and 113 Korean Studies professorships established in 76 universities across 12 nations.

In 1982, Ewha Womans University was the first four-year institution in Korea to establish a department dedicated to Korean studies, namely the Department of Korean Studies within the Graduate School of International Studies. Lee Hai-young, a Korean Studies professor at Ewha‘s Graduate School of International Studies and the Director of the Ewha Language School, is a figure committed to the development of the Korean language and its education through efforts including the Global e-School project, Korean Studies Workshop, Cambodia project of the Ministry of Education, and the textbook development project of the National Institute for International Education.

"I hope that the education of Korean language and studies will extend beyond national borders and expand their reach to every corner of the world."

This week on "Heart to Heart," meet professor Lee Hai-young, who is referred to as the promoter of Korean language and culture for her ceaseless endeavors.

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