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Join Us Korea

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Date : 2015-12-09

Join Us Korea Episode 24

Finally it's last episode of Join Us Korea! Who is the winner of last episode of interactive quiz show with viewers Join Us Korea? Best chance to get loving idols' autograph CD by previous voting, 'Who do you think will win?'

(※ Autographed CD winners will be announced at original air)

Hard-hearted society, everyone has over-stressed, and needs to be healed! Where is your healing place? Nowadays popular eating can be the best, and it could be restroom which is refuge of husbands. Or the highest place with nice view, if you are in a relationship, it could be beside the lover! Let's figure out the best healing place with the round that an answer is decided by the choices of viewers.

'What will I wear today?' It takes a lot of time to decide when one has first date! One England magazine asked 2000 people. 'What is the best color in first date?' For women, the best color is Red! Then, for men, was it Black? Or another color? Percentage is 50! Is it O or X?

An ordinary picture can be turned into a funny one, just by adding a brilliant title or caption!? Episode 24's picture is sitting polar bear! Who's answer is favorite one? Let's check panels' humour sense, CAPTION

Episode 24's music video is of Block B-Bastarz! Guess the next scene! The Round guessing the line or action, THE SCENE
This week : 'Zero for conduct' music video by Block B-Bastarz

What is most memorable line of movie? In 2010, most memorable movie line a movie site in America picked is 'I'll be back' of [Terminator]! Then, what was second among the examples "Show me the money!" of [Jerry Maquire], "I'm the king of the world!" of [Titanic], "Bond, James Bond" of [007]series, "May the force be with you" of [Starwars]? So many data in one look, funny statistics, data round DATA QUIZ

※ Thank you for watching Join Us Korea.Let's meet at new smart quiz show 'Touch Q'.

Join Us Korea Episode 24Join Us Korea Episode 24Join Us Korea Episode 24Join Us Korea Episode 24Join Us Korea Episode 24Join Us Korea Episode 24
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kim Do-hyun
- Cho Hyun-tae
- Kim Min-gyu
Assistant Director
- Yoon Jae-hyuk
- Rhee Ji-eun
- Song Kyung-soon
- Jeong Hyeon-jin
- Sohn Min-ji
- Jung Ju-yun
English Editor
- Kim Ji-ah
- Gu In-hee
SNS Management
- Byeon Yeong-kyoon
Directed by
- TV Union
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